More Rain – Adoration (We Love You Jesus) (Spotify)

“Chemical composition of amazing sound that makes you feel comfortable like your beloved home. Especially for the admirers of the original arrangement approach, it does not leave aside anyone whose soul demands freedom from the shackles of the skin stubborn reality.”

“Удивительная химия звука, композиция получилась очень уютной, как стены родного, любимого дома. Особенно восхищает оригинальный подход в аранжировке, она не оставит в стороне никого, чья душа требует свободы от оков въевшейся под кожу реальности.”

Artist shared few words behind the inspiration of this song:

" Adoration is a simple but powerful corporate worship song composed with vary thoughtful melody and instrumentation. The vocals by Daniel Moraine Smith are strong, passionate and transparent. This song was written late last year during the pandemic, it is one of several songs I wrote and will be releasing as singles. During that time God was continually reminding me that Christ is my sole sufficiency " - More Rain