Owen Baldwin – The Shrine (Spotify)

“Owen Baldwin created a very fine Cinematic piece full of hidden magic. mythical sounds and crystal quality mix that reveal some kind of glory. "The Shrine" also traveled us back in time, in a forgotten era of knights, castles and dragons!”


The Shrine is a neo-romantic piece with a meditative and cinematic feel.


Owen Baldwin is an English composer and musician based in London.

Owen developed an early interest in music after hearing Gustav Holst’s The Planets and Johann Sebastian Bach’s fugues at the age of four. He started playing the guitar, his first instrument, a few years later when he was twelve years old. As a teenager, he fell in love with bands like Pink Floyd, the Doors and the Moody Blues which are still big inspirations to this day.

Owen made his debut as a songwriter in his late teens, writing primarily in genres such as psychedelic and progressive rock. He spent the last year of high school studying classical music, where he joined the school choir and learned the basics of orchestral composition.

He then enrolled at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in London to study songwriting and music performance for five years. This time spent at university allowed him to meet many talented musicians and to develop his skills to higher standards.

Owen’s music is very evocative and visual, which led him to pursue a career as a film and media composer. This allows him to compose in a wide array of genres, from orchestral to rock, and from electronica to folk. His work is nourished by a wide legacy of music going all the way back to Gregorian chant and the Middle Ages.

With many new songs as well as original film soundtracks set to be released throughout the coming months, Owen will be spending the year sharing his music while busy working on more exciting projects.