Ullie Swan – Alzheimer (Video)

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“Song -Alzheimer- from French singer -Ullie Swan- corresponds to the level that you expect to hear from the performer in its class. Melancholic and very sincere work.”

“Песня -Alzheimer- в исполнение французской певицы -Ullie Swan- соответствует тому уровню, который ожидаешь услышать от исполнителя такого класса. Меланхоличная и очень искренняя работа.”


This song is about Alzheimer’s disease. Specifically she talks about someone whose mother is affected by Alzheimer’s disease and who no longer remembers her child. She talks about all those memories that are forgotten forever, and the anguish and the situation that this causes. This song was entirely produced by Ullie Swan.


Ullie Swan is a french singer, songwriter, multi musician, self-taught producer and sound addict. She just released her new album “6%” on every digital platform. Her album is made solo from the first note to the mix and was recorded in her studio in the South of France “Swaman Productions”.

6% is about human emotions, it’s like a musical healing process. A mix of dark pop, electronica, ambient the album is influenced by the likes of: Archive, Portishead, Radiohead, IAMX, Muse and Lana del Rey… Her songs deal with apologies, depression, Alzheimer disease, personal reconstruction, self-confidence, doubts, growing up in a strange world far from children’s dreams, invisible scars, and pain, love, positive mindset and the law of attraction.

It all started with classical training when she was six years old. She learned the flute at the music conservatory for 10 years but wanted to stop to learn guitar and piano on her own. Music production has been part of her daily life since she was 20 years old and she never stopped since. She learned watching tutorials online, practicing a lot, sharing with professionals, asking some questions..

Over the years, she built her recording studio because she didn’t want to use what she had learned just for her personal projects. “Music becomes immortal if it’s recorded. Music should not be reserved for an elite. Recording your voice is an experience to live, it’s like jumping in a parachute. It’s all about emotions and pleasure.”

She also recently recorded from her phone the Kamala’s Harry’s historical speech to create a song called “Kamala’s speech”, available everywhere..

A report released in 2018 looked at the Grammy nominees and those who made it on the year end Billboard Hot 100 chart between 2012 and 2017. The research revealed that only 2 percent of producers are women. Ullie founded in January 2020 a group to try to bring together all the “female music producers of the world”. They can help each other, share on every subject, organize some meets up in different cities, do collabs.. “Female producers are so under represented year by year, it’s important to gain visibility for the next generations. We are all connected. When a woman succeeds, all women win. You’re not alone. We’ re in this together, and stronger than never, it’s time to change these statistics.”