Vantome – Nothing (Spotify)

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Vantome – Nothing

In this well produced (deep) house track from Vantome, where its dream pop chill atmosphere, the warm vocals and the sax that steals your attention quick with is shine melody, you will found your next summer love. Few words about Vantome: Ever since he touched a DAW at the age of 12, he developed an enormous drive for creating a wide variety of electronic music. Years ago he started out making progressive house and has slowly been progressing into a more deep direction, often combining (deep) house elements with dreamy pop influences. Being inspired by many genres, Vantome encapsulates a warm and refreshing sound with hints of house, garage and pop. As a firm believer of experimentalism, Vantome embodies familiar yet surprising modernity in his work. Setting out to push his creative limits and with great ambition, he aims to reach hearts of many, providing inspiring electronic music along the way. soundcloud facebook instagram

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