Marco V, Vision 20/20 – RAB/BIT (Spotify)

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“Marco V /Vision 2020 Rab/bit is an instant classic. The classic trance beat picks right up and organic electronic sounds fill in the background. Vocals are soothing with a touch of class that takes us back. ”

2021 currently belongs to Marco V, continuing to switch between styles and never holding back when it comes to giving you goosebumps. In vocal trance mode, sweet, angelic vocals, slicked back between fantasy and reality and with a taste for the bittersweet, skim across feverish beats. As ‘RAB/BIT’ starts its upward charge, it approaches the promised land of the euphoric but keeps its guard up, a shimmering, holographic synth pattern seemingly anticipating danger around the corner. Made for massive parties armed with supersized glo-sticks.