Yannis Kazakos – Waving (Spotify)

“Waving by Yannis Kazakos is a solo piano meditation on the theme of saying goodbye to someone you love. It is a beautifully sorrowful piece, inducing just the right amount of pensive melancholy needed to contemplate those we have loved and lost.”


"Waving" is about letting go someone you loved. It's about saying goodbye.


Yannis Kazakos – The Promise (Spotify)

“Happy, impressive and extremely shinny Classical piece from a true artist. "The Promise" for our maximum entertainment can be fulfilled in less than three minutes' time. We really appreciated the dynamic shifts between those soft piano keys and hard guitar chords. A real excellence!”


This is an ode to all the promises we've ever made. The ones we kept but also the ones we broke. An ode to the feeling in our hearts when we made them.


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