This year George is set to make his solo debut, starting with the release of his piano ballad “New Kid”, featuring artist Kristeen Young, mixed by the legendary producer Tony Visconti.

“You have to be a conscious artist to mess with the rules, and George van Wetering’s music embodies a free spirit that finds harmony with disparate elements and a pattern without a formula. This is music of the Non-Conformist. Here, the dark and the light intertwine to make some really great tracks with great electronic elements.” George van Wetering, Dutch singer and songwriter, was once part of the growing roster of foreign acts released by Chinese record company Modern Sky. In the US and the Netherlands, his albums were released by Zip Records / Sony. George has toured extensively across China, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA. “Taking cues from artists across the cultural spectrum, this is the industrial goth band before the EDM cult of personality took over”. George and his band gained a large following in China while also gaining traction in North America. He also frequently participated in China’s growing music festivals, including performances at the Strawberry Music Festival, World Expo in Shanghai, and the Modern Sky Festival in Beijing. Highlights of his shows in North America were performances at SXSW, NXNE, CMJ and the Sled Island Festival (Canada) at which the show was considered the highlight of the festival.