“Very melodic and truly sentimental gem from "KOWARI" upcoming album. Our favourite cinematic sound balancing between electronic and instrumental, which cannot pass unoticed from the majority of listeners.”


With this captivating first track, KOWARI gives us a glimpse of what they are all about: an instrumental band with a cinematic universe and electronic influences.

The duo asked the graphic artist Zorg Aourir to put the track in pictures. With this production, he signs a first masterful music video as a director, designed with original retro-futuristic scenes.

Their debut album, "Trail", was recorded in a chalet in the middle of the Belgian Ardennes.

It was mixed and produced by the talented Jean Vanesse at GreenHouse Studio (Le Motel, DC Salas, Haring,...), before being mastered in Berlin at Calyx Studio by Norman Nietsche (Nils Frahm, Gogo Penguin,...).

ALBUM Scheduled for release on 6 May 2022.


NIN3S – Khokhoba Feat. Toshi

“”NIN3S” calls us on an intense journey through time via his new Trip-Hop single. Unique and affectionate vocals in the Xhosa language, balanced mix of smooth sounds and semantic clip. All proving the authenticity and talent of the artists.”



‘Khokhoba’ is the third single taken from Hopeyard, the debut album from classically trained studio wizard, composer and pianist NIN3S released now on Dorado Records.

Undoubtedly one of the album’s most affecting tracks, it features the powerful, compelling vocals of South African songstress, writer, poet and musician, Toshi Tikolo. Toshi co-wrote the track with NIN3S and sings in her native South African tongue; Xhosa.

Hailing her as “one of the most sonorous voices of Africa’s electronic music scene,” Mixmag last year listed her among their ‘Top African Women Shaping Dance Music.’ She has worked with a who’s who list in the genre including Black Coffee and David Morales. Here though, Toshi’s rich vocals ring out, quivering with raw emotion adding heart and depth to an epic, uplifting track that combines a mesmerising melody and NIN3S deceptively simple piano motifs.

Meaning ‘getting old’, ’Khokhoba’ is dedicated to Toshi’s grandmother who raised her and persuaded her to sing in church at the age of 6. It speaks of a yearning and love for her role model and inspiration who is growing old and frail. Toshi has been writing songs since a young child, and through her storytelling captures her life’s stories in her powerful lyrics. Like NIN3S, she was classically trained, turned to jazz, yet found her voice through poetry and folk music.

Toshi said “The song is dedicated to my grandmother, how gracefully she’s aging, the suffering she went through in all her living years, raising her kids as a single parent.”

Accompanying the track is an astonishing video that is an emotive masterpiece. The sands of time are a theme running throughout – we see grains of sand dancing in the atmospheric, golden light around a graceful young face. The sands shift in rhythm and tempo as the song reaches its crescendo with soaring vocals, yet as the sands starts to fade, so the face ages in a dimming light, but her inner glow remains undimmed.


Stickleback Interview on Nagamag


Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Experimental, Down-Tempo, Varied

Few words about your musical background and career?

Started my music career playing in bands in my teens, having some success with funk/ hip-hop bands in the 90's, playing at Glastonbury Festival, Womad and various other venues around the UK and Europe. I quickly got into the electronic side of things and have been producing music ever since.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

The dance music scene in the UK during the 90's was a huge influence on me and I grew to love the electronic possibilities that were starting to open up around this time.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Massive Attack "Teardrop"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Tipper "Tit For Tat"

Discover & Listen to Stickleback

Stickleback on Spotify

Stickleback's Signature Track

Stickleback on Social Media


Ken Bauer – I Just Wanna Rave

“Super bouncing kick, bright synth leads and some cool vocals are fairly enough to give you in the head and stimulate your senses. "Ken Bauer" has dropped his Progressive House bomb and nothing can stop its explosive power! Boom!”


An undisputable manifesto for ravers, ‘I Just Wanna Rave’ features a pounding four to the floor beat, super saw synth layers that maintain the vibe, with small moments where the track breathes with airy pads and an echoed voice that reminds you of the mission; it’s all about raving.



“A shinny and promising Techno/House production is ready to shake your sound system. Complex layers of pads, vocal samples and melodic leads forming a magical scenery all around you. One listening won't be enough to discover its full diversity.”


YOU WERE THERE is an Afro house blended into organic house and electronica created with sharp plucky lead sounds and soft background pad that drives rhythm of the bass in and out shouts come in to build the vibe of the desert and empty space you were once standing in recalling if you saw it or if it was just a blur of the past the track has a lot of percussive elements to keep it tribal yet progressive i hope you enjoy this piece and make your own imagination to it


FR3SH TrX – In The Dark (Spotify)

“When night falls, most things happen "In the Dark" covered with mystery... Feel the adventure and the adrenaline running through your veins via this powerful Trance track. Craftfully mixed synth patterns, causing strong addiction and excitement too.”


FR3SH TrX is back with his fourth solo single! After various successful and very catchy collabs and solo tracks, he proves courage to take corners and edges with the Progressive House track ‘In The Dark‘ and celebrates the ambivalence of feelings in the dark. This darkness offers us peace and protection, but is also the scene of our deepest fears and nightmares.

In terms of sound technology, FR3SH TrX uses multi-layered sound collages and ‘thunderstorms of sound‘. ‘In The Dark‘ is powerful and dynamic and creates a balance between excitement and peace. The track always has a hypnotic effect.

Streaming-Link: bfan.link/fr3shtrx-in-the-dark

Video-Link: youtu.be/zTfrQ9ZuHKw


Goya – Dilli (Spotify)

“Melodic, experimental work with artistic images. Variety of field records blended with Asian vocals. A realistic picture eventually appears in front of the listener, where music plot and symbolism appear on its canvas.”

“Мелодичная, экспериментальная работа, в которой прослеживаются художественные образы. Разнообразие полевых записей, восточный вокал красиво ложится на душу и в итоге перед слушателем реалистичная картина, на полотне которой отображены музыкальный сюжет и символизм. ”


Artist shared few words about this song:

"Everything you hear in this track has been created using the sounds recorded in Delhi, no musical instruments have been used.

Dilli is a track that came about as a part of - 'Sounds of the City', a collaborative initiative between Berklee College of Music & MAP Bangalore where one music producer was chosen from 4 metropolitan cities each to compose a track by using sounds of their city.

When I stepped out to record, I realized Delhi is not just one thing or one sound but rather a diverse collection of it. Delhi is noisy, crowded, fast, and yet, serene and peaceful at certain time and places. I wanted to showcase this aspect through my track.

I went to locations such as Chandni Chowk, Nizammuddin Railway Station, Ghats of Yamuna, Lodhi Garden, some of the oldest restaurants, Bangla Sahib, Jama Masjid and several other unique places to record the rich and diverse sounds the city had to offer." - Goya


4am Kru x SHANTÉH – Good Thing Remix (Spotify)

“Discover the supersonic sound of "Good Thing" in a new mix, just out to blow up more speakers. Sophisticated combination of Drum & Bass with lyrics. Music with own attitude and advanced artistry!”


Brixton songstress SHANTÉH & London jungle collective 4am Kru return with new collaboration 'Good Thing Remix.' After riding the algorithms to 100k+ Spotify plays with their previous collaboration Sunrise Remix, these young independent London artists re-emerge sounding hungrier than ever, eager to prove that jungle & drum bass music can be simultaneously soulful, uplifting and dancefloor ready. Good Thing Remix is out on new independent label Embrace The Real Records on Jan 28th.


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