Paul Sawyer x Ana Be x 08 Pulse – Waiting All My Life – 08Pulse Cinematic Remix

“An interesting remix of the successful "Waiting All My Life" is ready to satisfy your ears . Immerse yourself in the delicate soundscapes of Ambient & Drone as they follow those heartwarming vocals. Deeply emotional and also expressive result.”

Waiting All My Life originally released on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records now remixed by 08 Pulse who completely transforms the track to a cinematic soundtrack that takes your breath away

Jon Ososki – Socialization Saturation

“Jon Ososki unfolds his artistry in the scene of Downtempo and such work couldn't pass unoticed. Mysterious, dynamic and somehow unpredictable in flow "Socialization Saturation" surely left its mark in our minds.”

Socialization Saturation is the second single from Jon Ososki's latest album Our Failure Of Imagination. This single along with the first single from the album garnered wide support from electronica A-listers, including Laurent Garnier, Chicane, Dan Hegarty, Sista BB (Triple R), Danny Briottet, and Chill FM. Jon Ososki is an electronic music artist creating instrumental downtempo, chill, and cinematic electronica.

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Rival Consoles – Now Is

“A wandering, like a bloodworm in the night, the download rhythm with a minimalist melodic filling from Techno and Indie Electronic. There is something extraordinary in this track, unusual, extraterrestrial and very attractive.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Блуждающий, словно мотылёк в ночи ритм Downtempo с минималистической мелодической начинкой из Techno и Indie Electronic. Есть нечто экстраординарное в этом треке, необычное, внеземное и очень притягательное.”

Paddy Mulcahy – Angel’s Share

“Slow and meditative rhythm and the downtempo and techno melody, in the atmosphere of which you are drowning like in tall grass. The earth leaves from under the feet, consciousness is blurred and you do not notice how music leads you to the country of miracles.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Медленные и медитативные ритм и мелодия Downtempo и Techno, в атмосфере которой тонешь словно в высокой траве. Земля уходит из-под ног, сознание затуманивается и вы не замечаете, как музыка ведёт вас за собой в страну чудес.”

Paddy Mulcahy’s free-ranging and genre-bending hybrid of electronica, chillwave, avant-pop — and even ambient and post-classical in some corners of his repertoire — create a multi-dimensional work of shifting rhythm, texture, mood and impact. Mulcahy’s fusion of emotion and technique is a beautifully honed sound and vision for head and heart, body and soul.

“Angel’s Share”, the title track from the upcoming album out August 12th via XXIM Records, sees Mulcahy wading through ambient techno waters, with mournful synths encapsulating and punctuating the experience. Mulcahy’s fusion of emotion and technique is a beautifully honed sound and vision for head and heart, body and soul.

Georgy Om – Dreamland

“-Dreamland is a dreaming space for all dreamers. Feel how a pleasant flalor of sweet dreams covers you. This is a deep immersion in a gloomy dream, in which the thick atmosphere of the melancholy Future Garage will leave a pleasant aftertaste.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Dreamland- - это сновидческое пространство для всех сновидцев. Почувствуйте, как вас накрывает приятный флёр сладковатых сновидений. Это глубокое погружение в сумрачный сон, в котором густая атмосфера меланхоличного Future Garage оставит приятное послевкусие.”

Paddy Mulcahy – Weave

“-Paddy mulcahy- pleases us with its sincere music, a pleasant and warm melody of Chillwave and high-quality information. If the rhythm is easily compared with the course of the river, then the melody can be compared with the boat that floats along this river. An amazing state that needs to be realized and felt on yourself.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Paddy Mulcahy- радует нас своей искренней музыкой, приятной и тёплой мелодией Chillwave и качественным сведением. Если ритм легко сравнить с течением реки, то мелодию можно сравнить с лодкой, которая плывёт по этой реке. Удивительное состояние, которое нужно осознать и прочувствовать на себе.”

Peace & resolution via electronics, post-classical, avant-pop, chillwave, and ambient music; Ireland’s Paddy Mulcahy has music that shifts moods, with an impeccably deft touch.

“Waves” is a flowing hybrid of avant-pop with a melodic electronic backbone, displaying his blending of emotion and technique is a beautifully honed sound and vision for both head and heart.

Mulcahy’s free-ranging and genre-bending hybrid of post-classical and electronica, his forthcoming album Angel’s Share out August 12th via XXIM Records is a deep and moving work, inspired by loss and anxiety in a time of crisis, though the Irish composer finds a place of peace and resolution. It’s a multi-dimensional work of shifting rhythm, texture, mood and impact, expanding the Irish composer’s instrumental and studio capabilities.

Kepler North – Self Actualize

“A grand design of what good rhythm has to offer. Smooth and deep in various ways that seem to take us away and capture our attention. We loved the breakdown where reflection can occur as the magical formless beings bring us back into the groove.”

Tom & Collins x Francis Mercier – No Me Importa

“Tom & Collins teamed with Francis Mercier for this exclusive House production. Echoing vocals full of an eastern air and quite attractive Techno influences are setting the scene of endless dancing. Hot and addictive result as Summer promises us.”

On this gorgeously transporting slice of organica, Mexican house & tech maestros Tom & Collins team up with Haiti's Francis Mercier, whose song 'Sete' with Blond:ish and Amadou & Mariam was one of the breakout dance tracks of the year, reaching #2 on Beatport, garnering praise in Billboard and play from Pete Tong and Black Coffee. Sure to light up dancefloors from Ibiza to Burning Man and beyond, 'No Me Importa' is out on Realm Records, Gorgon City's bespoke label of quality international floor-fillers.

‘No Me Importa is a great musical balance between Francis’ and our roots.. we tried to put a lot of emotion in the chords and, combined with simple Spanish lyrics, we think it’ll be great for the dance floor and connecting with people's emotions.’ -Tom & Collins

‘I’m fluent in Spanish, and instantly fell in love with this topline. I wanted to share the project with my favorite Latin DJ duo, Tom & Collins, to let as many Spanish-speaking individuals experience the power and lyrical significance of this record - to be proud of one’s eccentricities and not care what others think.’ -Francis Mercier

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