“We think you love this now as we did! Magic Bronson’s new song ITILYN is all about good vibes and leave in the present moment, discover the beauty that is all around you, yet sometimes due of bad mood you act blindfolded.”


Los Angeles born-and-based duo Magic Bronson return to the forefront of the indie-pop rock scene with their upcoming single “ITILYN” (I Think I Love You Now), due out next week! The woozy new track follows the recently released “Surfin” and “Tell All Your Friends” which have garnered praise far and wide and will all be on the forthcoming SWEAT album, due out this fall!

This new synth-tastic track features cruising vocals and syncopated percussion to create this head-nodding song. “ITILYN” (I Think I Love You Now) is a fresh take on a love affair with Los Angeles. With references to “skating down the boardwalk” and a love for all her quirks like sitting in traffic, life slowing down has taught us to appreciate all the things we often overlooked.

“‘ITILYN’ was inspired by our love/hate relationship with Los Angeles,” the duo share. “We were both born in LA and still live here so we definitely have a unique perspective. I think sometimes when you grow up in a city you can take it for granted a bit and not realize how much great stuff there is to do and see as opposed to someone who moves to LA and is really excited to go out and see the sights. We’ve both lived on the East and West side and they both have their own cool quirks and qualities which we wanted to touch on in the lyrics. I think a lot of people in LA get stuck in the traffic or bogged down by the high rent and have these fantasies of moving somewhere else that’s cheaper or easier but then you get an LA sunset or a perfect day cruising the boardwalk and you realize ah man this city’s actually pretty great. Just when you feel like you’ve had enough something happens to remind you why you actually do love living there and why you put up with all the hardships.”

“ITILYN,” “Surfin,” and “Tell All Your Friends” will all be included in Magic Bronson’s upcoming album SWEAT. Magic Bronson continue to spearhead music trends, tackling social issues and the anxiety of what’s going on in the world and coupling it with sensational and experimental melodies. The new album is fun, enlightening and uplifting all while tackling topics like the power of friendship and the uncertainty of trying times.