Yero Richard – Our Ship (Spotify)

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“-Our Ship- is the new single of -Yero Richard- under Sophie Records imprint. A song which sounds as a lullaby from heaven, with the soft like feather voice color, with a memorable daydreaming chorus which invites you to listen again and again, and a gently lush guitar melodic line. Music which keeps warm your heart. ”

Our Ship is a serene and sober song about the torments of confusion in love, influenced by the music of RY X, inspired by real life experiences. It’s written, produced, mixed and mastered by Yero. It features Yero on all of the instrumets and his band The Plus in the second half. In the backing vocals Yero is joined by Céline Huber

Mikayla – Insecure (Spotify)

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“There are times that we feel insecure and looking for an opportunity to run away from other people. Mikayla with her brand new track Insecure undertakes the task to express this highly negative emotions with unbelieveable sensitivity embelissed with her elegant voice”

“Insecure” is about when you don’t believe you're worth any love, trust or good in life. That you are scared that people are gonna know how you see yourself and scare them away. As soon as you get the opportunity to run you do it. You’re too sensitive to exist and all you wanna do is to feel love but all you do is push it away.

Kovic ~ Giving Up ~ Feat. Dancer Kaycee Rice (Video)

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“A heartwarming song by Kovic which trough beautiful keys and sweet grooves, daydream us with his voice. Kovic please us more through this memorable video thanks to the great performance of dancer Kaycee Rice.”

Mark Kovic (Kovic) is an English singer-songwriter and producer, born and raised in Brentwood, Essex, to a Serbian father and English mother. Known for his baritone vocal and big chorus’, his first momentum-accelerating single titled “Drown” was released in 2017, produced by Jonny Coffer (Beyoncé, Emile Sandé) & Mark Crew (Bastille, Rag N Bone man), and co-written with goliath songwriter Jamie Scott (Jesse Ware, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Justin Bieber).

The track was picked up by the head music supervisor at EA and playlisted on the FIFA 18 soundtrack, catapulting Kovic into the biggest gaming placement of the year, notably joining the top 50 viral Spotify charts across a number of EU countries, and gaining millions of streams within months of release.

The debut album for Kovic is due to be released later this year, and will feature a contrasting combination of songs ranging from soulfully haunting balad, to summer infused pop. Among an A-star list cast of creative collaborators, it will also feature a number tracks self-produced and written alongside rising talent and brother Ben Kovic.

René Le Feuvre – Second Hand Soul (Spotify)

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“Second Hand Soul, is a beautiful song of soft acoustic guitars, chill beats and warm mellow vocals by René Le Feuvre through a well mix production, where listeners can focus on the depth of these positive vibes.”

René Le Feuvre said about this song
"Second Hand Soul is the result of an unprecedented year of change and uncertainty for both myself and the world at large. After moving from the city back to my rural hometown due to COVID-19 I had the opportunity to reflect on my place in the world as everything seemed to be crumbling around me, losing career defining opportunities in the US, but much more importantly the life of a close friend around this time of pain and isolation"

René Le Feuvre is a singer-songwriter who has built a loyal fan base across the country with his smooth vocals, impressive guitar skills and looped beats. Crafting his sound by busking on the streets of North Queensland and taking out local singing competition titles, René migrated to the Gold Coast aged 17 to pursue a career in Australian Rules Football. After playing in the reserve grade for The Suns, he decided that his true passion was music, and set about playing at every music venue, bar and market, where he could hone his acoustic sound.

With a style that is often compared to British songwriters Ed Sheeran and Mark Rosenburg (Passenger), René decided to audition for The Voice Australia 2018. Wowing the judges with his heartfelt acoustic rendition of Lauv’s hit, ‘I Like Me Better’, René earned himself a coveted spot on Boy George’s team, eventually making it through to the knockout rounds.

In early 2019, René set his sights on Nashville, where he spent four weeks co-writing, recording and performing. This included a collaboration with global hitmaker, Katie Cole (Smashing Pumpkins); mentoring by acclaimed producers Jason Wyatt (Jewel, Atz Kilcher) and Dr Ford (Jade Gibson, Michael D. Keeney); and performances at iconic Nashville venues, such as Bluebird Cafe. Before returning home, René also took out a top-3 spot in Nashville’s Rising Song competition with his song “Whispers and Whistles”, voted by popular demand.

In 2020 René was approached to perform at two original showcases during SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. This was quickly cut short by the global pandemic, and instead René Has been focussing on recording his first EP which will be released in September this year. René performed his EP at his first ticketed show at Miami Marketta on the 26th of September.

Sir Ivan – Get Together (Video)

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“What a positive track to end your week and prepare with the best mood for weekend. Sir Ivan invites us to Get Together, as one we do more than move alone and through these good vibes and beautiful harmonics, Sir Ivan with his signature voice lifts up our energy.”

Earning a prestigious award held also by the likes of film titans Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg is certainly not what International recording artist Sir Ivan set out to do, but due to his incredibly unique concept, that is precisely what happened. Sir Ivan’s remake of the 1967 hit song “Get Together” by The Youngbloods, as a dance song, has had incredible success and now the official music video will premiere on Wednesday, September 9th at 11am EDT.

The video, prior to public release, has already won a Gold Remi in the category of “Video of the Year”. This award gave Sir Ivan the top honor out of nearly 5,000 other entries, from 53 countries, including strong international competition; especially from the USA and England.

Responding to this huge achievement, Sir Ivan says “In my almost 20 year music career, the two greatest ideas I’ve had yet, have been: 1) Remaking John Lennon’s iconic peace song ‘Imagine’ into an electronic dance record and 2) Coming up with this video concept where I assembled the world’s most famous peace leaders in history, to act as my ‘backup band’, with me as the lead singer. Neither of these ideas had ever been done before”.

In the video, character actors portray five of the most recognizable advocates of peace in the history of the world. In the second half of the video, the “backup band” moves inside Sir Ivan’s penthouse where they sit around the table, as great friends, sharing a “peace pipe”. Meanwhile, people from all walks of life are just steps away from “Sir Ivan & The Peacemen”, dancing and having a wonderful time, celebrating peace, love, and life… Together.

The music video is presented in satirical form as political speech, for the purpose of spreading the message of peace, during the current civil unrest…

Sir Ivan is donating all net proceeds from “Get Together” to The Peaceman Foundation, a charity he created to raise awareness and help those that suffer from PTSD.

More about Sir Ivan Sir Ivan aka Peaceman has dedicated his recording artist career to remaking the iconic peace songs from the 1960’s, and was the first to take a Beatles or John Lennon ballad and turn it into an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) song. “Imagine” launched Sir Ivan’s career and all his songs since have gone on to top the charts on Billboard, DJ Times, and Music Week. The passion that Sir Ivan has for spreading peace, love and equality to all humankind comes from losing 59 relatives in the Holocaust and hearing those stories from his father, Siggi, who was an Auschwitz survivor.

On April 6, 2021 the world will finally get to hear the full story of Siggi B. Wilzig. Available now for pre-order on Amazon, by author Joshua M. Greene, is “Unstoppable” – The Incredible Journey of Siggi B. Wilzig, the Auschwitz Survivor Who Over-came All Odds and Became a Wall Street Legend.

Connect with Sir Ivan

Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube (Peaceman Music): YouTube (Sir Ivan TV): Vimeo: Soundcloud: Apple Music: Spotify: Website:

Magic Bronson – “ITILYN” (Video)

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“We think you love this now as we did! Magic Bronson’s new song ITILYN is all about good vibes and leave in the present moment, discover the beauty that is all around you, yet sometimes due of bad mood you act blindfolded.”

Los Angeles born-and-based duo Magic Bronson return to the forefront of the indie-pop rock scene with their upcoming single “ITILYN” (I Think I Love You Now), due out next week! The woozy new track follows the recently released “Surfin” and “Tell All Your Friends” which have garnered praise far and wide and will all be on the forthcoming SWEAT album, due out this fall!

This new synth-tastic track features cruising vocals and syncopated percussion to create this head-nodding song. “ITILYN” (I Think I Love You Now) is a fresh take on a love affair with Los Angeles. With references to “skating down the boardwalk” and a love for all her quirks like sitting in traffic, life slowing down has taught us to appreciate all the things we often overlooked.

“‘ITILYN’ was inspired by our love/hate relationship with Los Angeles,” the duo share. “We were both born in LA and still live here so we definitely have a unique perspective. I think sometimes when you grow up in a city you can take it for granted a bit and not realize how much great stuff there is to do and see as opposed to someone who moves to LA and is really excited to go out and see the sights. We’ve both lived on the East and West side and they both have their own cool quirks and qualities which we wanted to touch on in the lyrics. I think a lot of people in LA get stuck in the traffic or bogged down by the high rent and have these fantasies of moving somewhere else that’s cheaper or easier but then you get an LA sunset or a perfect day cruising the boardwalk and you realize ah man this city’s actually pretty great. Just when you feel like you’ve had enough something happens to remind you why you actually do love living there and why you put up with all the hardships.”

“ITILYN,” “Surfin,” and “Tell All Your Friends” will all be included in Magic Bronson’s upcoming album SWEAT. Magic Bronson continue to spearhead music trends, tackling social issues and the anxiety of what’s going on in the world and coupling it with sensational and experimental melodies. The new album is fun, enlightening and uplifting all while tackling topics like the power of friendship and the uncertainty of trying times.

Mibsy – Mon Chéri (Spotify)

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Mon Chéri is a reminder to put forth the effort in a relationship. Dancing to this song with your significant other is a good start! Was born in Switzerland, and growing up her adventurous heart which filled with joy getting to travel to Africa during the summers. Wrapped up in the various cultures and mindsets that helped define who is today. A summer bright song to give good light in your day.

Shadi G – Disconnection (Spotify)

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The single “Disconnection” looks at a relationship where both people know and are certain that they love each other, but on the surface they really cannot remember the reasons why. The song examines a love where the romantic sparks that initially fires up a relationship, have all but died.

It lays bare those crucial moments when each partner questions whether they are really suited to each other. It characterizes that singular, painful moment when you believe that “Disconnection” from the other, is the only answer.

Few words about Shadi G:
Shadi G is a Swedish songwriter, producer and singer whose soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics is striking the attention of some of Swedens biggest music magazines.

Schooled in classical music, growing up with music all from jazz, RnB, soul, hip hop to her roots in Persian music, Shadi is crossing borders with her own soulful sound, both in style and language.

Straight after high school she went to London to study music production and in 2016 she released her debut single “Lost”, which got her on to some of Swedens biggest music playlists.

In 2017 she started her own record label, Goldamin Records, from which the second single “Where We Go”, was released.

And now, after more than one year waiting, it is finally time for more music from Shadi. “This Love” is the first song to be released from her upcoming EP, which will be the first to be released through her own label.

WIEGAND – Get Informed (Video)

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In times of a global corona virus pandemic, conspiracy theories are enjoying a boom. Time to deal with it, in a musical way.

Helge Wiegand has been writing music since he was 14 years of age, only playing it to his close
friends. Music and art has been accompanying his life permanently, although he chose adifferent path career-related.

Torben Wendt recognized Helge Wiegand ́s potential after both met in 2013. As a result, Helge was hired to contribute keyboard work and backing vocals for Torben Wendt ́s band DIORAMA playing the Blackfield Festival in 2014. The positive response led to further mutual shows in Germany, Poland, Denmark and Israel. During a show in Leipzig Helge met T.O.Y. ́s singer and songwriter Volker Lutz and received the offer to become a full band member in 2017 in order to play keyboards and do backing vocals in T.O.Y. Concerts in Germany, Russia and Mexico followed.

Wiegand ́s debut album „Released“ was launched in December 2018, been spoken highly of by a large number of music mags recommending it to all friends of electronic, melancholic and boppy music. The first single „Floating Away“ with a number of renowned mixes found its way into the DAC Charts in the very same month. Helge is currently working on his next album, now presenting the first single that deals with the matter of conspiracy theories or conspiracy tales to be more precisely. Catchy songs are guaranteed, certainly danceable in the clubs once the Corona pandemic comes to an end plus adventurous tales of Bill Gate ́s forced vaccination or Corona 5G cell towers fall silent.

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