Alon Farber, Hagiga – Israeli Song (Spotify)

“You certainly enjoy listening and delving into every note, rhythm and Jazz melody. Those magic vocals make the composition very original and, most importantly, memorable. Music that leads the listener on the endless expanses of its positive vibrations.”

“Безусловно наслаждаешься прослушиванием, вникая в каждую ноту, ритм и мелодию джаза. Волшебный вокал делает эту композицию весьма оригинальной и, что самое важное, запоминающейся. Музыка сама ведёт своего слушателя по бескрайним просторам своих позитивных вибраций.”

"Israeli Song" was written and arranged by Oded Meir for the Alon Farber Hagiga and features singer Sarai Zak-Levi

This tune really sounds like an Israeli folk song, but it goes to unexpected directions that highlights the different influences on Israeli music, like the influence of Coltrane sound and Afro-Cuban music

This take is from Hagiga new album "Reflecting on Freedom", out on Origin Records on September 17, 2021

Amazing solos here are Alon Farber and Oded Meir

Players here are:

Sarai Zak-Levi- vocal
Alon Farber- Soprano Sax
Yehonatan Cohen- Tenor sax and flute
Oded Meir- Trombone
Eden Giat- Piano
Assaf Hakimi- Bass
Roy Oliel- Drums
Rony Iwryn- Percussion
Recorded and mixed by Bill Tsur
Mastered by Aran Lavi

Hagiga – Night Walk (Spotify)

“Jazz sound with unimaginable improvisation and melancholic spirit from three different artists. A very multifaceted composition, which you can listen with no feeling of sorrow and sentimentality.”

“Джазовое звучание, невообразимая импровизация и меланхолия из облака и дыма. Весьма многогранная композиция, которую можно и нужно слушать без лишнего ощущения печали и сентиментальности.”

A beautiful ballad, simple and expressive

Capture the meditative mood of a night walk

First part of a 4 piece suite (New Directions Suite) in an album by the same name

The tune features the amazing alto sax of Hagai Amir

The instrumentation here is quite unique: Soprano sax, alto sax, trombone, piano, bass, drums & percussion

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