Hagiga – Night Walk (Spotify)

“Jazz sound with unimaginable improvisation and melancholic spirit from three different artists. A very multifaceted composition, which you can listen with no feeling of sorrow and sentimentality.”

“Джазовое звучание, невообразимая импровизация и меланхолия из облака и дыма. Весьма многогранная композиция, которую можно и нужно слушать без лишнего ощущения печали и сентиментальности.”



A beautiful ballad, simple and expressive

Capture the meditative mood of a night walk

First part of a 4 piece suite (New Directions Suite) in an album by the same name

The tune features the amazing alto sax of Hagai Amir

The instrumentation here is quite unique: Soprano sax, alto sax, trombone, piano, bass, drums & percussion