Bobby Cressey – Climbing the Tower (Spotify)

“Wow! This track smacks you into full consciousness from the first note. Full of funky, jazzy goodness, with virtuoso musicians in abundance. Searing horns, Hammond organ licks, etc. It has too many moments of brilliance to list them all. A nod to the great horn band ‘Tower Of Power’ ‘Climbing the Tower’ is a must have track for lovers of this genre.”

Climbing the Tower' is a funky ode to the great horn band 'Tower of Power'. It has blistering trumpet and organ solos over a uniquely TOP style rhythm section, along with a massive and cooking horn section.

As one of the most versatile keyboardists on the West Coast, Bobby Cressey has worked for years producing and playing on records for other artists. With placement credits ranging from Thor: The Dark World to Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory to NBC/Universal’s ‘Little’ and Sony's MLB The Show for Playstation, his music can be heard everywhere. As a performer he has played with an extremely diverse swath of artists including , , , 's Soul Syndicate, Jon Elefante from , Bobby Kimball from and the Big Band. Equally at home behind the piano, synthesizers, or the Hammond organ he also holds down one of the most unique gigs in the world as the Stadium Organist for the San Diego Padres.

In 2017 he rounded up his favorite West Coast musicians to record a funky album of horn heavy Hammond organ funk and jazz grooves called '’. This album features 8 instrumental compositions in 8 of his favorite styles. Fans of , , and will love and relate to this sound.