Johan Hugosson, Brett Deubner, Allison Brewster Franzett – Samarthana (Version for Viola & Piano) – song by Johan Hugosson, Brett Deubner, Allison Brewster Franzetti | Spotify (Spotify)

“100% Classic creation carefully made for selective listeners. Cooperative work with variety in progress and dynamic changes. Discover the vibrating Viola chords as they match with those piano keys in order to approach perfection.”

MOTHER EARTH, the new album from celebrated violist Brett Deubner with PARMA Recordings, reflects humanity’s search for meaning in the midst of loss and mortal frailty. Born out of the strife of 2020, MOTHER EARTH expresses the angst and hope of this deeply challenging period through the language of music. Chant-like meditations, cathartic outpourings, and even a call to arms for environmental justice are only a few of the themes explored in MOTHER EARTH. Deubner, whose solo debut with the Grammy award-winning New Jersey Symphony Orchestra resulted in numerous subsequent engagements throughout the United States and abroad, partners with pianist Allison Brewster-Franzetti for this deeply moving collection.