Civy C-del – Hope Your the One (Spotify)

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“It's true that most of us live in a constant rush. Too fast everyday routine where time flies and we can hardly follow. "Civy C-del" does not exclude himself from all that hurry and wants to slow down with some nice Funk sound. Now is your chance to take a deep breath and relax too.”

About a man living life so fast, he just want's a queen to slow him down so he can live life at a normal pace.

Civy C-del is a lyrical artist, known for his diverse witty lyrics, grungy attitude and high confidence, he continues to strive to create futuristic, uncommon flow pattern and styles that his fans view as inspirational. His musical approach is a fusion of Notorious B.I.G’s unpredictable technique mixed with J.Cole’s storytelling abilities.

Having worked with Cash Money A&R's in 2016/17 to create his first professional mixtape "The Civilian; to having the president of Roc Nation call him "Talented" Civy is definitely a hip hop artist to look out for in 2021.