Congregation – The War (Spotify)

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“Rhythmic work with '70s style. Distinct bright guitars, powerful drum sound and expressive soloists in the mood of neo-soul and funk. Don't miss it.”

“Ритмичное произведение в стилистике 70-ых годов, с яркими гитарными партиями, мощной драм-секцией и выразительным исполнением солистов в жанре neo-soul и funk. ”

Every human confronts their own personal conflict around temptation - to drive too fast, drink too much, shop and spend too much, to stay at a party too long, too over-eat, to consider cheating on a partner - to take chances that we know are likely more bad for us than good. "The War" tackles this topic by illustrating two characters who run out on their obligations and resolves in a chorus that expands the theme of temptation to be everyone's fight - Everybody Fights The War.