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What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Always Galactic, either Ambiant/Chillout and/or Electronica/Techno/Psychedelic

Few words about your musical background and career?

Since 2014 Profesor Galacticus and Captain Frictus are colaborating as a galactic team in other project, Neenboo, a 7 musicians world music project.
In 2017, they decided to create Cosmyte.

This atypical crew is constantly evolving by creating its own galaxy, led by Pr. Galacticus (machines) and Captn Frictus (handpan), it includes talented companions met during music tours around Europe, Russia, India, China and Latin America, bringing a unique experience to each appearance. A journey between organic human vibrations, cosmic instruments and mechanical machines oscillations, Cosmyte is a real musical android.

In 2019 the Cosmyte Spaceship joined the Hadra label Team (Hadra Alter Vision Record).

In 2020 the Cosmyte crew droped out two EP's: Pyramyte Awake Side and Pyramyte Dream Side

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

There are a lot of moments, concerts, people, places, that gave us the right impact.
One of them is traveling as "pre-profesional" musicians with Super Cumbia band, some Argentinian friends, touring in Europe. We were spending so much good time as a band, as a family, as travelers, by traveling and playing all together.
Other is a concert of Djamanawak, a french band, when they played a 3h30 improvised concert. We were like "wooow, so nice, we want to do that" !

Do you have some project that you want to talk about for 2021

We are working on a Lullaby project.
It's about musical ceremony, a 7 hours night playing, with people sleeping, or dreaming, or just flying inside.
We try explore music as a channel to connect with bigger space in this crazy times, in this crazy world.
We want to explore more about this project.

You recently talked in social networks about an "inversion of the polarity of human consciousness". What about it?

We don't really know more about it, but we can say you that Jbiboulak community announced us by a sercret chanel, that hapenned on the 17 december 2020 this "inversion of the polarity of human consciousness". A kind of global mental change that can happen on earth by the dreams.
They also gave us a link as a cosmic gate to connect to it:

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Super Cumbia y la liga de la Alegria "La vida está hecha pa' otra cosa"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Symbolico Triptrap

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Cosmyte – Massenger (Spotify)

“Hadra AlterVision Records presents the new EP Cosmyte - Pyramyte Dream Side. An amazing plexus and combination of Psychill and Psydub genres, with a touch of Ethnochill. Travel to other worlds, exploration of new, immense horizons and awakening of inner strength.”

“Hadra AlterVision Records представляет новый ЕР Cosmyte - Pyramyte Dream Side. Удивительное сплетение и сочетание жанров Psychill и Psydub, с лёгких вкраплением Ethnochill. Путешествие в иные миры, исследование новых, необъятных горизонтов и пробуждение внутренней силы.”

Cosmyte présente son second EP "Pyramyte Dream Side" sur Hadra AlterVision Records. Des entrailles de Mâmu, mi Buffalo, mi Arachnée, jaillissent perpétuellement des Mondes Parallèles. Des bulles de Rien contenant le potentiel du Tout.
Continuant notre exploration sensorielle dans ce second ep, c'est dans le rêve que nous nous ressourçons. Cet état alternatif de conscience et sa fluidité erratique est tout aussi vital que son binôme éveillé. Par leur rencontre, et la relation tissée avec foi de l'un à l'autre, nous découvrons l'espace qui réside entre les choses : le Monde Interstice !

Cosmyte is proud to present their second Ep "Pyramyte Dream Side" on Hadra AlterVision Records. From the entrails of Mâmu, half Buffalo, half Arachne, jets perpetually Parallel Worlds. Bubbles of Emptiness containing the potential of All.
Continuing our sensory exploration in this second ep, it is in the dream that we recover. This altered state of consciousness and its erratic fluidity is just as vital as its awaked buddy. Through their reunion, and the relationship woven with faith from one to the other, we discover the space that lies between things : the Interstice World !

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