Dean Evenson, Scott Huckabay, Burke Mulvany – Across the Valley (Spotify)

“It breaks down in very old trees, it grows under bare feet on desirable grass, and from the water in the early morning mosquitoes grow. -Across the Valley- literally a living book in your hands, traveling on a page that dissolves in your eyes with all the great music.”

“Расступаются в стороны тени вековых деревьев, тает под босыми ногами пожелтевшая трава, а от воды ранним утром поднимаются комары. -Across the Valley- словно ожившая книга в ваших руках, путешествуя по страницам которой растворяешься в лучах обволакивающей тебя со всех сторон музыки.”

This is a beautiful track from Mountain Meadow Meditation with a beautiful mix of nature sounds, flute and quintessential relaxing feel of Dean Evenson.

Dean Evenson, Dudley Evenson – Wisteria Foot Bridge (Spotify)

“Very creative Ambient & Drone work with characteristic harmony and natural beauty. Flute and harp magic from real artists who can directly bring a meditative atmosphere in your place. Let your mind fly high up in the sky in search for the divine”

This is the second track off of the album released today by sound healing pioneers Dean and Dudley Evenson. A beautiful harp, silver flute, and native style flute track with sounds from Monet's Garden.

Dean Evenson, Dudley Evenson – Water Lily Nymphs (Spotify)

“A calming, gentle combination of flute & harp overlaid onto a palette of nature sounds. Perfect for meditation, study, or quiet contemplation. Get yourself comfortable, or into your favourite Yoga position & allow the relaxing waves of mellow ambience wash over you. ”

This is the second single release from the upcoming album Monet's Garden by producer and flautist Dean Evenson. This single is quintessential Dean Evenson with nature sounds, flute and harp. This track is perfect for your ambient meditation, yoga, and relaxation playlists.

Dean Evenson – Full of Now (Video)

“Dean Evenson music is both rolled on the shore of the ocean waves. Bringing the notes of ethnic aftertaste. This is the perfect music that would relax after a hard day or in the meditation time.”

“Его музыка как накатывают на берег волны океана. Приносящие с собой ноты этнического послевкусия. Это идеальная музыка что бы расслабиться после тяжелого дня или во время медитации.”

This is the fourth song on one of Dean Evenson’s most ambient albums “Seeking Stillness”.

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