Illuminine, Affan – Dear, Limerence – Affan Rework (Spotify)

Illuminine, Affan – Dear, Limerence – Affan Rework


Dear, Limerence - Affan Rework’ is taken from Illuminine’s upcoming ’Dear, Piano’ album.

Flemish composer Kevin Imbrechts, the artist at the helm of Illuminine, usually deftly blends neo-classical with post-rock influences. He asked Affan – without knowing him personally – to interpret his song from his successful third album in his very own way. This is how this atmospheric piano track came into existence.

‘Dear, Limerence - Affan Rework’ is the first release of a 19-track piano compilation, including artists like Akira Kosemura, Jonny Southard, Sergio Dias de Rojas and many more.

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