Jantine – Stockholm Syndrome (Spotify)

“The lyrics cause sincere emotions not only through sensual perception, but also at the subconscious level. Original and loved Synthpop, with rich sound arrangement and an atmosphere of hypnotic effect!”

“Текст вызывает искренние эмоции не только через чувственное восприятие, но и на уровне подсознательного. По своему оригинальный, но по-прежнему любимый многими Synthpop, насыщенная аранжировка и атмосфера придают звучанию гипнотический эффект!”


Inspired by the feeling of being unable to resist someone that you know is not good for you, Dutch, UK-based singer/songwriter Jantine returns to BB Music Group with ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Aptly written in Stockholm, alongside Matilda Thompson and Oliver Forsmack, it is a radio-ready creation that perfectly blends pristine pop production with Jantine’s smooth vocals. With all the hallmarks of a radio hit, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ gives further insight into the depths of her artistic talents.