Jon Thorstensen – A Last Ballad (Spotify)

“There are no issues that Jazz could not face. Music can act as a cure for the soul, capable of healing any wounds. This new composition from -Jon Thorstensen- does not cease to amaze with its versatility. A real musical and multifaceted emotional landscape.”

“Не существует проблем, которые не смог бы развеять джаз. Музыка как лекарство для души, способная залечить любые раны и новая композиция -Jon Thorstensen- не перестаёт удивлять своей многогранностью. Настоящий музыкальный и такой многогранный эмоциональный ландшафт.”

"A last ballad" - produced with a band of superb Norwegian musicians who brings elegance and sophistication to Jon Thorstensen modern jazz style. The soloists Magnus Bakken (tenor sax) and Torgeir Koppang (piano) creates lyrical and beutiful interwoven lines here. Top Norwegian producer Kyrre Fritzner (De Lillos, CC Cowboys) has produced and mixed the song.

Jon Thorstensen – Kiwi Girl (Spotify)

“Right from the start this track radiates energy that draws one in. So easily lost in its complex rhythms and superb horn section. A rich Jazz interpretation that is good for the soul. ”

Kiwi Girl is a groovy and sexy jazz instrumental, the rich and open sound palette makes it also chill and laid back. The tune builds up from single guitar lines to full horn section and subtle percussion.

Some of the best Norwegian musicians brings elegance and sophistication to the track. Awesome Magnus Bakken deliveres brilliant improvised sax lines.

My two other jazz singles Secret Place and Pilgrim has now almost 100%0 streams on Spotify and spread worldwide in over 30 playlists. It is fantastic to grow followers and new fans from all over the world. Hope you like it.

Jon Thorstensen is a Norwegian composer, jazz guitarist and pianist who tends to explore the borders between jazz and other contemporary music. His music whirls in many different musical landscapes, often combining unison guitar and horn section lines to elusive and expressive instrumental jazz.

Jon has collaborated with Magnus Bakken and Sigurd Evensen (Silya & the Sailors), some of the highest profilated Norwegian musicians.

Jon Thorstensen – Secret Place (Spotify)

“Norwegian composer, guitarist Jon Thorstensen has gathered around him a band of superb musicians to deliver this modern day Jazz / Funk classic. Positively oozing with quality, ‘Secret Place’ is everything you would expect from such an accomplished ensemble. It’s creative, inventive it’s familiar and above all, it’s class.”

Secret Place is instrumental jazz created by the Norwegian composer and guitar player Jon Thorstensen. The reminiscence of Steely Dan might come to mind in the harmonic language and the interplay between guitar and horn section. Inspiration comes from different musical sources for instance guitar slingers like John Scofield, Mike Stern, Jim Hall and John Abercrombie to The Meters and Earth Wind & Fire.

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