Mad Circuit, LG (TEAM GENIUS), Sereda – MAMASITA (Spotify)

“ A finely knitted swirling combination of styles blended to create a pleasant & coherent fusion of influences that at times breaks into a playful, joyful chaos. Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Pop & Latin are expertly folded & mixed together by ‘MAD CIRCUIT’ both musically & lyrically. The vocals are sexy, funny, witty & good to listen to. Mamasita’s infectious rhythm will fill dance floors everywhere.”

Breakout trio MAD CIRCUIT are set to break the internet. Comprised of three talented creatives in their own right– Sereda, LG (Team Genius), and JR came together to create the latest version blissfully chaotic MAD CIRCUIT at the beginning of 2021.

MAD CIRCUIT was the creative brainchild of acclaimed Norweigan producer Joachim “JR” Rygg and has seen many forms, iterations, and collaborations, culminating in an eclectic catalog of dancefloor-ready hip-hop. When acclaimed rapper LG (whose voice and lyrics have been heard across national placements for the likes of Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and more) and billboard-charting vocalist Sereda (Twitch's biggest performing artist) joined the group, MAD CIRCUIT became a one-stop-shop for all your listening needs.

When their "My Fit" single went viral on TikTok and got a prominent sync in Mindy Kaling's hit Netflix show Never Have I Ever, the trio shot up viral streaming charts and have quickly become a sensation. With a social reach of over 500K and a staggering 16 Billion views of content featuring their music on TikTok, MAD CIRCUIT is bound to join the ranks of trailblazers like Doja Cat, Aurora and more in this wave of viral sensations.

The beauty of MAD CIRCUIT is what each individual brings to the table, successfully creating a melting pot of sound and culture. In the irresistible "MAMASITA," a rhythmic beat with a latin flair lays the groundwork for LG's captivating lyrics and Sereda's flirtatious vocals. With its winning combination of pop, R&B, and rap, this indomitable single is destined for superstardom.

Producer JR shares, "Sereda and LG are so different, but both are really cool, high-end voices that always flash new things. Each of their voices serve as two different ‘instruments’ I can use in the studio. LG boasts a strong hip-hop background while Sereda comes from an entirely different realm with her Spanish swag and sexy style of R&B and pop. But they both have this gritty confidence oozing out of them, which really brings it all together.”