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Bradlee the Rapper – end of time (m.t.) (Spotify)

“Bradlee the Rapper releases his new single, -end of time-. There is no time to think, there is only pure love here. The real one. Charming voice of 23 year old Manny Davis will help us to feel it stronger. Heartwarming! ”

“Нет времени на раздумье, есть только чистая любовь. И если любить - то по настоящему. Обворожительный голос 23 летнего Manny Davis поможет нам почувствовать это.”

Caleb Hurst – (Baby) Blue (Video)

This song is about maturing in love; understanding how you typically operate in relationships, acknowledging that if it falls apart it will hurt but won’t be the end of the world, and ultimately allowing yourself to carefully but completely fall in love. The song was originally written in 2014 with just a guitar and then rewritten in 2019 once Caleb Hurst had built the beat and rest of the track. In the music video Caleb Hurst turn into a cool cloud!

Few words about Caleb Hurst
Caleb Hurst is a totally independent artist and producer making experimental electronic pop music. Originally from Texas, Caleb dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles in 2014. Some time later he co-founded indie-pop band The Honeysticks, to whom he lent his talents of writing, production, vocals and multi-instrumentalism. Since then he has embarked on a solo career, having released three compelling self-produced singles since 2019. Drawing influence from Björk, Radiohead, James Blake and Frank Ocean, Caleb blends digital and analog elements with the desire to create soulful alien music.

The Burgler – Roadkill (Spotify)

The Burgler – Roadkill

Lofi Pop

Roadkill' is the debut and theme single out of The Burgler's first album.

It is a smooth mystic blend of LoFi Indie Pop and a groovy electronic beat, wrapped in dreamy experimental-ism, taking inspiration from artists such as Homeshake, Zero 7 and Thundercat.

The lyrics are self conscious in a somewhat harsh way, and talk of accepting and being at peace with our own flawed nature, which can make us more strong and resilient in the future.

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