Magnetic Vines – Constellation in B Minor (Spotify)

“Crafted with classic and electronic sounds, this piece seems to be a must for our relaxation time. Never underestimate the deep impact of Ambient synth textures which cuddle the body and take away all its tension.”

With shifting electro-acoustic sounds built around improvised piano, "Constellation in B Minor" is a soundtrack for a late-night bicycle ride through an empty city, or a summer night alone in a rooftop garden.

Magnetic Vines – Quiet Old Shipwreck (Spotify)

“Lo-fi acoustic sounds, echoing guitar strings with piano keys and a little trombone... all in thick ambient & drone layers of mist. In the output we have the lovely song -Quiet Old Shipwreck- by the magicians and sorcerers of the business -Magnetic Vines-.”

“Акустические звуки lo-fi, эхо гитарных струн и пиано, немного тромбона, всё это в густых слоях тумана из ambient & drone и на выходе мы имеем очаровательный трек -Quiet Old Shipwreck- от магов и чародеев своего дела -Magnetic Vines-.”

Layers of piano, acoustic guitar, and subtle synthesizers paint a serene portrait of an old shipwreck – a meditation on loss and making peace with the past.

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