Maryon – New Life (Spotify)

“For a moment, forget about everything that bothers who you are and where you are at this moment. Just listen to this fantastic vocal, high-quality arrangement and integrity of the mix. Feel liberation, freedom and energy. This moment is only you and music!”

“На мгновение забудьте обо всём, что беспокоит, кто вы и где находитесь в эту минуту. Просто послушайте этот фантастический вокал, качественную аранжировку и целостность микса. Почувствуйте освобождение, свободу и энергию. В эту самую секунду есть только вы и музыка!”

Artist said few words about this song"

"“To me, New Life is an emotional, colourful and multifaceted song. I wanted to sing about a past relationship that left one too many scars, but also about the re-opening of the world after countless lockdowns in many ways feels like a 'New Life'. For both those sentiments, the chorus needed to feel hopeful and anthemic, something we could all dance to at live shows (now we're allowed to!)” "