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Doctor Flake – Lockdown (Spotify)

Doctor Flake – Lockdown

Minimal Electronic

Jean Marie Leger’s alias Doctor Flake is a project that explores the philosophical and meditative corners of the Electronic music universe. His deep and atmospheric production tendencies are powerful and magnetising to listeners that appreciate the intricacies of this kind of production work. We delve deeper into this new four track collection of his selected works.

Lead track ‘Lockdown’ is a reflective and low-tempo production that flourishes via deep and meditative kick drums as a foundation for a Techno-centric stack of layers in the rhythmic and melodic department. Atmospherics and glossy reverbs full the stereo spectrum and all combined – this makes for a tranquil start to the package.

‘Winterness’ starts life as a heavily processed guitar sound that is thoroughly drenched in reverb and delays to create a padded style backdrop to the pulsing kick drums and brooding bass synths. Progression is the central focus of this track as the tension, suspense and anticipation swells over the length of the production.

Track 3 is ‘Hands’ which again shows off Doctor Flake’s melodic and downtempo aptitudes as we’re treated to a gorgeous array of angelic vocal chants, cloudy percussive melodies, deep and reflective chord transitions and a hypnotic lead that verges on psychedelic. It’s Café Del Mar, Berlin and your favourite place to unwind and destress all rolled into one.

Wrapping up the EP is ‘Volcano’ which delves into a deeper realm of sub bass content with a kick that really hits the insides hard. The percussive elements take a more Techno-edged time and groove pattern to provide a more militant drum section as a foundation. Things get wild when a flurry of pitch-bent wind instruments begin to ring out a droning alarm of a melody to create an otherworldly vibe that fuses acoustic and electronic tones.

It’s a journey that Doctor Flake has purposefully conceptualised with this package. Starting from his Downtempo past and journeying into the future with his sonic explorations with mid and up-tempo Techno, his electronic discoveries are always fresh, thoughtful and very listenable.

RossAlto – My Sun (Spotify)

RossAlto – My Sun

Minimal Electronic

This is the second release from RossAlto, a minimal downtempo electronic track filled with nostalgic drops, laid back groove, soft piano and dream vocals. RossAlto was interested & fascinated by music since his first steps. The main incentive for that, was his dad, musician & singer, taught him that music is a lifetime, challenging & marvelous kinda thing. He started his journey by playing the piano. Soon his attention was caught by electronic & house music. RossAlto managed to become a different, curious DJ, who had the ability to enjoy the audience, by adapting his music to each crowd's pulse, while indicating his alternative & clever taste. In parallel he was a main radio producer for several years. What's next to come? RossAlto has been exploring for a few years now, the sectors of producing, remixing and remaking mostly regarding electronic tracks and the time came, to share his point of view for exceptional music with the world.

Hopeful Child – The Return To The Garden (Spotify)

Hopeful Child – The Return To The Garden

Minimal Electronic

Hopeful Child is a producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Eugene Oregon. A holistic lifestyle in the forest has influenced the frequencies and healing energies that resonate in his sound. Hopeful Child fuses nuances of world music, bass, hip-hop, Jazz, and Reggae to create a lush sonic pallet that connects a broad audience of people together through sound. Organic textures, hypnotizing melodies, and captivating percussive elements form a meditative safe space for the mind to wander and explore a new reality.

Godford – Mine (Spotify)

Godford – Mine

Minimal Electronic

The track is the translation of the feeling you experience when you want to be with someone but despite your actions, your words and your fights, you are not able to make it happen.

Godford explains: ‘’I guess I’m fascinated by clashing two things that normally are not supposed to be together, it’s not a love song, not a techno track, it’s a feeling’’

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