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Peré Oudav – La Última Cumbia (Spotify)

Multi instrumental artist Peré Oudav returns with ‘La Última Cumbia’ after touring, performing at TEDx, and receiving support from listeners in European countries like Germany, France and the US. Peré’s music has been in 2 Official Spotify Playlists: Orgánica and Electronic Rising. ‘La Última Cumbia’ shows a more amazonian/shamanic, chill side to his music with rhythms from Latin America and Eastern instruments like the Indian Sitar which he actually plays live and records in this track.

Martin Rott – Dawn (Spotify)

Wonderful laid back beats with beautiful sound design in this atmospheric chill out from Martin Rott.
A track with a right downtempo groove and melancholic harmonies.

Few words about Martin Rott:
Born in Ohio, USA, Martin grew up in Germany with mom and dad being classical violinists, receiving drum lessons from age 6, whilst developing self-taught piano, guitar and bass skills playing in school and church bands.

Leaving home at age 16 to join his first rock band he went on to earn a professional music education including studies at Berklee, Boston, USA, the Conservartory of Enschede, NL, a diploma as a Jazz-Musician from the School of Music and Perf. Arts Mannheim and a BA in music production from the Popakademie Mannheim, where he wrote and produced his first LP for his indie-pop duo „anstatt Blumen“. After teaching drums, playing in and producing several bands from all genres he worked as an in-house producer of Austrias largest commercial studio in Vienna until game score giant dynamedion welcomed him to their team of external composers in 2014. Since then he's scored for more than 60 episodes of „Der Lehrer“, series like „Der Staatsanwalt“, „Milk and Honey“, several tv-movies for all major german tv-networks and award winning feature films.

In his own Berlin based studio, having his grand piano placed seamlessly next to the production desk, Martin works on finding a unique sound for every theme he writes.

Emerging from this work now for the first time he's planning to release 2 solo EPs and one album with his very own artistic vision of beats and soundscapes, to make room for some of the many ideas based on pictures wich haven't been captured on film yet…

Padre Tóxico – Wait for It (Spotify)

Padre Tóxico – Wait for It

Minimal Electronica

An atmospheric minimal electronica with dreaming arps and soft drums that will hypnotize you in its sound design patterns.

Few words about Padre Tóxico:

Music possesses a quality that can transcend time, that's why it is never too late to follow through on your passion. Padre Tóxico is proving that to everyone with his latest records. He has been a fan of hip-hop since it’s inception and grew up during the golden era with dominant forces and timeless albums dropping left and right. Artists like Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Nas, ATCQ got him interested and sparked a fire so strong that it followed him for decades to come. In more recent times, he had that same wave of excitement strike him when he discovered electronic music from musicians such as Jon Hopkins, Kiasmos, Synkro or Stimming.

Just six months ago is when he had the realization to attempt the creative process himself. While his sound is still developing, he has taken his two loves and produced records with the stylings of both, with EDM tracks like "Rugged” and lofi boom-bap like “Summer in L.A.” showing off his innate diversity. On 3.05.2020 after 6 months of work, Padre Tóxico releases two LP's - electronic "Synesthesia" and hip-hop flavoured "Life supplement".

Siv Disa – Fear (Video)

Siv Disa – Fear

‘Fear’ is a fascinating look inside Siv Disa’s mind. Produced with friend and collaborator Sam and the Sea, dreamy drum patterns and analog synths phase into a warm, enveloping atmosphere that orbits around introspective lyrics. If you’re not careful the song can lure you into a false sense of security – it’s easy to find yourself comfortably lost in the production, but closer dissection of the lyrics reveal the song’s true, poignant nature. Disa’s writing is deeply personal and therapeutic, with this track inspired by the dissociative and self-critical mindsets that empty connections can push you into, whilst also questioning what causes us to be more authentic: the truth or the fear of it.

On the track, Disa said: “A lot of the questions in ‘Fear’ come up when we’re dealing with a lot of stress and difficult situations, and right now everyone is connected by having to deal with something enormous – I think everyone’s dealing with their own fears in that way.”

‘Fear’ is released alongside a haunting music video, with Disa figured as an ominous presence in a cold, dreary landscape; unclear to the viewer whether she is a threat or is being threatened. Inspired by 70s exploitation movies and found-footage horror films such as The Blair Witch Project, it perfectly encapsulates the uncertainty and eeriness of the track.

Akkor Interview on


Minimal Electronica

What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Akkor is experimental/minimal electronica with influences from progressive, ambient and contemporary classical music. My main tools of composition are piano, synthesizers, found noises and field recordings.

Few words about your musical background and career?

I hold a masters degree in Sonic Arts from Istanbul Technical University's Center for Advanced Studies in Music. I was a participant of the Red Bull Music Academy 2018, Berlin. As someone who has roots from being a progressive rock keyboardist, I’ve always been interested in sound design and composition. In around 2018, I got concentrated on surround audio and creating audiovisual performances.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

In around 2003, when I learned about how Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall triggered country-wide protests of racial inequities in South Africa, I realized how big being creative and productive can affect the world and became passionate about it.

You mentioned audiovisual performances, can you clarify this a bit?

I’m very excited about creating surround audio and composing for lighting systems to create sound and light performances that are in communication. Besides my solo works, I collaborate with artists from various disciplines to design site specific live stages for Akkor. Multi-channel audio surrounds the audience, I focus on this phenomenon and try to enrich it with the visual aspect of my live performances. I also collaborate to create artistic productions such as installations and video artworks.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

King Crimson "Starless" (Red album)

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Murcof "Reflejo"

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