Siv Disa – Fear (Video)

Siv Disa – Fear

‘Fear’ is a fascinating look inside Siv Disa’s mind. Produced with friend and collaborator Sam and the Sea, dreamy drum patterns and analog synths phase into a warm, enveloping atmosphere that orbits around introspective lyrics. If you’re not careful the song can lure you into a false sense of security – it’s easy to find yourself comfortably lost in the production, but closer dissection of the lyrics reveal the song’s true, poignant nature. Disa’s writing is deeply personal and therapeutic, with this track inspired by the dissociative and self-critical mindsets that empty connections can push you into, whilst also questioning what causes us to be more authentic: the truth or the fear of it.

On the track, Disa said: “A lot of the questions in ‘Fear’ come up when we’re dealing with a lot of stress and difficult situations, and right now everyone is connected by having to deal with something enormous – I think everyone’s dealing with their own fears in that way.”

‘Fear’ is released alongside a haunting music video, with Disa figured as an ominous presence in a cold, dreary landscape; unclear to the viewer whether she is a threat or is being threatened. Inspired by 70s exploitation movies and found-footage horror films such as The Blair Witch Project, it perfectly encapsulates the uncertainty and eeriness of the track.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 31, 2020