Altamullan Road – Underwater (Video)

Altamullan Road – Underwater

Gearing up for the release of their mesmerizing debut album due in
the fall of 2020, Altamullan Road, fronted by the sublime voices of
Johanna Kurkela and Johanna Iivanainen already gave us a peek
into their world of wonders with their 1st single “When It’s Time”.

There may be no return after the 2nd, saturnine “Underwater”.
With “Underwater” the supernatural sisters paint a gloomy picture
of a deathwish bittersweetly mixing with hope. A musical canvas
resounding with echoes, the song is sparsely colored with firm,
broad strokes and eerie harmonies. The song weaves an intricate
network of gossamer melodies and submerges the listener in
gothic, melancholic bliss. As light and airy as the singing appears at
the outset, the lyrical message lies clandestine, anticipating just
below the monochrome surface for you to dive in.

“Underwater” is a pensive tide, lying in wait to wash over you.
Altamullan Road is the silent wail of angels becoming the darkness,
the grief of waning memories and the faint flickering of candles in
the dark.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 31, 2020