Northern Sky, Rose White – Walk In The Park (Spotify)

“-Walk In The Park- like an invisible essence, absorbs you while listening. Music that embodies hope, joy and kindness. Very competent combination of Indie Folk and Dream Pop, which are harmonized with each other. This single is full of light and sincere love!”

“-Walk In The Park- словно невидимая сущность поглощает тебя при прослушивании. Музыка, которая воплощает надежду, радость, и доброту. Очень грамотное сочетание Indie Folk и Dream Pop, которые гармонируют друг с другом. -Walk In The Park- полна света, доброты и искренней любви!”

A song greatly influenced by The Sundays, The Smiths, and Nick Drake. Female vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar, piano, and stand up bass. Storyline is two people meet for a walk in the park and end walking until the stars come out, learning everything about each other in one of those days where time seems to stop.