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Nagamag proudly presents the song with title “Touch Me” by the talented “Sebastian Schaffer”. A unique Blogwave composition that captured the attention of Nagamag’s curators, who were deeply moved by the emotions awakened during their listening experience of “Sebastian Schaffer – Touch Me”. The song expresses Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Adult Contemporary, Alt Pop music genre details that worth to be enjoyed by listening the full production!
Nagamag music magazine gladfully shares with you the following music review that one of our experienced Blogwave reviewers motivated to write about “Sebastian Schaffer – Touch Me”. Nagamag, as an international music magazine, reviews Blogwave songs that discovers around the globe, for Blogwave listeners of all over the world! The original review of “Sebastian Schaffer – Touch Me” is written in the native language that is spoken by the dedicated Nagamag’s Blogwave reviewer and followed by two translations, of which the first one depends from the origin of the artist “Sebastian Schaffer” (Germany) and the other is translated in English/Spanish/Greek depended by the original music review as well as the first translation.

“Сочетание электронных и поп элементов жанров Bedroom и Lo-fi создают яркую и запоминающуюся мелодию с обворожительной атмосферой. Настоящее путешествие по волнам удовольствия! Плавные и гипнотические звуки медленно и уверенно ведут вас к основной части композиции, где во всей красе раскрываются вокальные данные исполнителей — насыщенный вокал, который пропитывает своей глубиной всю песню.”

“The combination of electronic and pop elements of the Bedroom and Lo-Fi genres create a bright and memorable melody with a charming atmosphere. Real journey through the waves of pleasure! Smooth and hypnotic sounds slowly and confidently lead you to the main part of the composition, where the vocal data of the performers – saturated vocals, which impregnes the whole song, is revealed in all their glory.” *

“Die Kombination aus elektronischen und Popelementen des Schlafzimmers und der Lo-Fi-Genres erzeugt eine helle und unvergessliche Melodie mit einer charmanten Atmosphäre. Echte Reise durch die Wellen des Vergnügens! Glatte und hypnotische Klänge führen Sie langsam und zuversichtlich zum Hauptteil der Komposition, in dem die Stimmdaten der Darsteller – gesättigte Vocals, die das gesamte Lied impliziert, in all ihrer Ruhm enthüllt werden.” *

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