Damian Force – 54 (Official Lyrics video)

Damian Force – 54 (Official Lyrics video)

DJ and producer Damian Force has a brand-new release called ‘Who Is Next?’. Coming at you strong with a dark and dirty bassline, Damian teases with vocal snippets whilst progressively building the vibe of the track. A forceful bass-led groove takes over whilst the iconic lyrics from 80’s synthpop duo Yazoo’s ‘Don’t Go’ drags you into the midst of the beat, paying homage to some of Damian’s long-standing musical influences.

Damian then takes things up a notch, flipping the vibe of ‘Who Is Next?’ as he introduces gritty synths and goes into deeper into the groove. The latest release from Damian is the epitome of his artistry as he has passionately incorporated his love for powerful vocalists and creativity in his music.

Having taken his first steps in the industry at the tender age of 12, Damian’s talents grew into an unstoppable force. He has released on labels such as BMG, Pacha and Loaded Records and has found himself working with legends such as Bob Sinclair and Andrea Mendoza.

Damian’s creativity doesn’t stop at producing as he is currently developing and curating a revolutionary audio and visual 360 Dome show that features exclusive music, dancers and live musicians so you can expect to hear a lot more from Damian in the near future.

‘Who Is Next?’ is a seriously juicy tune for both avid House fans and DJs to sink their teeth into.

Listen to ‘Who is Next’?

Damian Force Online

Lorant – Obsessed With Your Love In My Dreams (Spotify)

Lorant – Obsessed With Your Love In My Dreams

Lorant – Obsessed With Your Love In My Dreams (Spotify)

Founded by DJ Lorant Duzgun in 2010, Royal Advisor Records (RAR) is celebrating a decade of dance music, parties, remixes, and community. DJ Lorant created RAR to provide an open space for queer artists and allies to develop fresh, original work to express their unique visions.

In the last 10 years, RAR has gained a reputation for its innovative collaborations with artists such as Will Sheridan, AB Soto, The Illustrious Blacks, SAMN, and Sappho's Journey. Producers Morsy, Sri Rao, Trulyors, and Larry Rocca, who are avid supporters of the LGBTQ community, have also released work under the imprint.

#RAR10 kicked off in February with the introduction of London-based artist Tareq and continues with a hypnotic tech house tune from Lorant. 'Obsessed With Your Love In My Dreams' is a percussive after hours drive towards a sunrise trip.

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Harmogy – Move Like This (Spotify)

Harmogy – Move Like This

Harmogy – Move Like This (Spotify)

A funky fresh tech house from Harmogy an electronic producer from Germany. This is your perfect Friday vibes to start up with the best way your weekend.

connect with the artist here:

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Klipr – Johnny Relax (Spotify)

Klipr – Johnny Relax

Klipr – Johnny Relax (Spotify)

Klipr is back with a whopping 6 track EP, aptly named ‘Lockdown’ this EP explores the realms of House music and really shows off Klipr’s creative flair. The titles of the 6 tunes include ‘Love Of House’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘All Night’, ‘Johnny Relax’, ‘False Move’ and last but not least ‘Don’t Tell Me’.

Every single song offers something fresh, each with intricate melodies and downright infectious grooves. The Lockdown EP is exceptional work from Klipr and is just what we all need right now. His previous releases have been more on the progressive or electropop vibe but has clearly surpassed himself with this new House sound.

The New Delhi based artist makes music that captures the energy and excitement you would expect to feel at a festival (which is definitely something the world needs right now). Klipr has used both his international and domestic experiences of the electronic music scene as a flagstone in his productions and uses his knowledge to transcend into a variety of genres.

Klipr’s love for the music scene has inspired him to create music that will help fellow dance music lovers like him to dance during this difficult time. The Lockdown EP is out now in Klipr’s very own imprint Streamin’ Music Group.

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BOBBY SHANN, Blas Cordero – Double Vision (Spotify)

BOBBY SHANN, Blas Cordero – Double Vision

BOBBY SHANN, Blas Cordero – Double Vision (Spotify)

Bobby Shann and Blas Cordero have joined forces meaning that double trouble are bringing ‘Double Vision’. This Tech-House track has a deep bassy groove that instantly draws you in and transports you to the dancefloor. The production on this release is crisp and precise and made for the ravers as you can’t help but dance along.

The insatiable groove is a key staple in ‘Double Vision’ which keeps it driving with force whilst different elements come in and out maintaining the fresh feel. Including a choppy initial drop paired with a sultry static vocal entices you in. The drama only builds as the mid-section becomes spacey with hints of a drop that certainly does not disappoint

Bobby Shann is known for his detailed producing skills and contemporary take on dance music as his creativity and originality are undeniable. He has consistently proven his musical talents with is previous releases such as ‘Call Me Papi’ and ‘Break It Down’ that has been taking the scene by storm. Enlisting the help of international DJ and producer Blas Cordero has seemed to put the cherry on the cake on ‘Double Vision’ as their styles merge into one flawless tune.