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Kellerkind – Disco on the Dancefloor (GORGE REMIX)

“An old time classic from the scene of House is now available in remake version ready to unsettle the masses. Almost seven minutes of absolute dancing essence, ideal to keep your energy levels high under the hot, shinny Sun.”

Kellerkind – Disco on the Dancefloor 2022

“In this Deep House track there is everything to help you excommunicate your consciousness from reality and take a break from everything in this world. Enjoy the rays of simple and melodic music, throw out all the mental garbage and get a dose of high -quality sound! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом deep house треке есть всё, чтобы помочь вам отлучить своё сознание от реальности и отдохнуть от всего в этом мире. Насладиться лучами простой и мелодичной музыки, выкинуть весь душевный мусор и получить дозу качественного звучания!”

Should we look back and bring somethingof the past back into the forefront of our mind?We think yes!!!Because Kellerkind's “Disco on the Dancefloor”remainsto this daya huge milestone in Sirion Records discography and the original track is still 10 years later an absolute earworm.Dedication, constant focus on music, care and respect for others, are attributes that continue to apply to Kellerkind and have moved us to a remake of this infamous title.

As the title of the main track says, “Disco on the Dancefloor”with its groovy basses, poignant disco stabs is ideal for the dancefloor and still perfectly suited to inspire the masses. But Kellerkinddoesn’t rest on the guaranteed success of the past, he immediately delivers a thriving remake that perfectly reflects his current musical taste. Percussive, hypnotic and an all-around successful job to dress the track in a new garb.Fittingly, there are two remixes by 8 Bit labelhead Gorge and Bernese producer Youen, among others.A housy framework paired with percussion, discoid bassline and the hypnotic synth surface in the usual Gorge manner, not only gets the legs bobbing and the head nodding, but animates to conquer the dance floor.Youen's techhousy remix puts the focus more on kick and clap and therefore comes as a true stomper. Peppered with the discreetly used samples, this makes for a wonderfully danceable mix for peak time.10 Years of “Disco on the Dancefloor”is therefore more current than ever and an absolute must in the record bag, either on vinyl or digitally.

Decantes – Mimosa

“Very unusual sensations from the track, in which deep vocals and rhythm of Minimal Techno are so interesting. In music, it is very important complete immersion in the atmosphere and at -decantes- this in perfect order! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень необычные ощущения от трека, в котором так интересно переплетены глубокий вокал и ритм Minimal Techno. В музыке очень важно полное погружение в атмосферу и у -Decantes- с этим в полном порядке!”

Driving mood gives a great track Mimosa with its true techno sounds and excellent male vocals. Enjoy your listening with young talent Decantes!

Eran Hersh – Ave

“An odyssey into a rhythmic percussion hypnotic cloud. The delicate natural drumkit layered on top of a steady progressive club beat really makes this one stands out. The heavenly voice brings us closer to the spirits as we climb the beat and its climax. ”

Miami based DJ and Producer Eran Hersh is back on Hurry Up Slowly with the track called AVE.

After hitting #2 on the Beatport Afro House Charts with his previous release, he delivers an Afro inspired track that stems curated with hypnotic voices and elements that are sonically diverse. Afro/Progressive/Deep

Prime Punk – Heritage

“After years of silence, "Prime Punk" are back with a striking release in the Techno scene. Hypnotizing vocal effects, fat basslines and a groovy kick can satisfy your thirst for quality music. And remember; one listening is never enough!”

We're proud to welcome an inhabitant of Punkland planet with his very first release ever through the galaxy. It's Prime Punk, him, you have never seen him before but you've heard about in the legends. But now you're the first ones who will get an exclusive access not only to his story and life path, but for the unique sound he will bring you from the farthest corners of the universe. This is the Heritage he comes with after the 10 years of silence. The story has just begun!

Bratři – Silver

“If you love your techno / tech house house moody and minimalistic, Bratři have you covered. Their latest single “Silver” is a laid back, emotional piece that sneaks on you with nostalgic notes just to take you for a chill ride into the dusk. Before you know it, you’ll be leaving behind a note saying: “Gone to Europe”.”

Silver is a fresh single from the production of Bratři (yes, the Brothers). The first single after the debut album Two Minds is released on April the 1st and presents the more melodic techno twins Jirka and Ondřej Veselý. Bratři are starting an intense spring, which, in addition to other singles, will offer a number of concerts and will culminate in May concerts in England and Lithuania

The melodic dance track Silver has already proved itself to Bratři during concerts. This was also the impulse to present this track first, as Ondřej Veselý admits: “When we included it in the concert playlist some time ago, it had an immediate response. That's why we've been trying to combine our electronics and energy from playing live now so that it's not boring.” "We put an emphasis on the groove so as to make it work and so that we enjoy it. It is the first spring track from the series of singles that we are going to release now," says Jirka.

Bratři are planning to do a lot of concerts this year. Even on Friday, April 1, when Silver is released, Bratři will visit the Dock club in Ostrava. Then on April 6, a big concert awaits them at Brno's Fléda. Everywhere, listeners can hear a new liveset enriched with a new single and other unreleased tracks. As part of the spring concerts, Bratři will also head to Brighton, England, where they will perform two concerts at the legendary festival The Great Escape. The following weekend is another destination abroad, the EuropaVox festival in Vilnius, Lithuania.

12.5. Brighton (UK) - The Great Escape - Three Wise Cats

13.5. Brighton (UK) - The Great Escape - Lates Music Bar

20.5. Vilnius (LT) - EuropaVox Festival

Bratři - TWO MINDS

Techno performed by the Czech duo Bratři finally released on their debut album Two Minds. It’s got the beat, it’s tight and intense. The dance ride of hypnotic beats together with the melodic line creates a harmonious whole. Electronic drums, analog and modular synthesizers are the cornerstones of the music of the twins Jirka and Ondra Veselý.

Artist: Bratři

Title: Two Minds

Release date: 24.09.2021



The techno duo Bratři are a new face on the Czech electronic music scene. Twins Jiří and Ondřej conceived the music project, which oscillates around a combination of catchy electronic dance and techno. The central driving forces are Jiří’s live percussion/drum beats and the melodic motives and sequences created by Ondřej on analogue and modular synthesizers. From September 2019 Bratři took part in various showcases (Nouvelle Prague, BUSH, MENT, ESNS) and after that they appeared among the 16 nominees of prestigious Music Moves Europe Talent Award 2021. They cooperated with renowned producer Hannes Bieger on their debut album Two Minds (9/2021).





Live video Hot Spot:

Icarus – Only (Video)

“Fast and groovy banger, out now from “Icarus”. The track features Tech House sounds with fat kick and a basic piano pattern. Bring the dancefloor in your place with “Only” and feel its absolute energy flow.”

Bristol-based duo Tom and Ian Griffiths, a.k.a Icarus, are back on Anjunadeep with new single ‘Only’.

The pair made their long-awaited return to the label last April with ‘Moment In Time’, a single that perfectly encapsulated their distinctive brand of emotive and melodic house. ‘Only’ sees Tom and Ian produce a wistful, piano-infused offering, with a two-step groove firmly rooted in UK dance music.

Having garnered over 120 million Spotify streams to date, written and produced hits like ‘October’ and ‘Home’, featuring AURORA, and remixed names like Jessie Ware, Pendulum, Martin Solveig, Wilkinson and RÜFÜS DU SOL, Icarus are fast becoming one of the UK’s most sought-after dance acts.

Icarus have recently performed a closing set at Anjunadeep’s third label takeover of iconic venue Printworks London, and the first weeks of the year see the duo perform headline shows in London, Manchester and Bristol.

“We’ve really been enjoying writing at slightly quicker tempos lately. 130bpm+ just feels so energetic to us, and we’ve been feeling inspired by the resurgence of the garage sound, especially with a lo-fi texture to it.
With ‘Only’ we wanted to create something that was melodic and enjoyable in headphones but still upbeat and grooving enough for a club environment. We recently dropped this tune at Printworks and the reaction was great, so we hope we’ve achieved our aim!” – Icarus

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