Translippers – The Gorge (Spotify)

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“Translippers explores deeper the lands of ethnic, world music, bringing in surface rich sound, warm atmospheres, and chill beats. Dub, Bossa Nova grooves, Electronica, Santur, Guitars, Harmonica, a variety of percussions as shakers, guiro, vibraslap, Tibetan bowls, Shakukhati...the harmonic layering of tickling sounds for the ears in his new album The Gorge, are gorg-eous. Top-notch audio quality, at 24bit, 96khz recorded, mixed and mastered.”

Translippers – Bekanze (Bandcamp)

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Translippers is back with a new ethno dub and chill fusion album including collaboration gems with artists Jai & Atlantida Project. Starting with the ambient meditative theme Om Bekanze and moving forward into tribal world music fusion under an amazing sound layering, clarity in sound and top notch mastering and production. A classic album.

Translippers – Cat’s Whiskers (Spotify)

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Translippers – Cat’s Whiskers

Translippers is back with a full new studio DUB-astic album "Transparency! Sound design that force us to daydream a paradise where sunshine and chill atmosphere is all around, where we spent the day at no stress and we enjoy the night under a sky full of stars. Chill out, World Music, Dub and many other music layers has influenced this solid crystal production. A bliss for the ears.

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