Tripple 2, SPECKS – Temperature (Spotify)

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“The song -Temperature- is pretty easy, but very rhythmic work. With all its charms and advantages is like a pendulum, which accelerates your heart beat and don't want it to stop quickly. Decent work!”

“-Temperature- является довольно лёгким, но очень ритмичным произведением. Песня со всеми своими достоинствами сильно зачаровывает и словно маятник, разгоняет ваши сердца и не торопится останавливаться. Достойная работа!”

Tripple 2 is an Afrobeat duo made up of lively twin brothers Chris Barnabas and Akrong Barnabas. They are from Ghana, but they have lived in Finland for 15 years. Music is their passion and they have been making music for over 10 years. They started with Hip Hop, but in recent years they have focused on making Afrobeat music. Afrobeat comes from West Africa, it’s rhythmic, melodic and joyful music. “When we started doing Afrobeat it just felt so right right away,” Akrong says with a laugh. Tripple 2 has warmed up many great artists such as Wu Tang Clan, Method Man, Lil Jon, Flo Rida and Burna Boy. Tripple 2 has also performed its own gigs and performed at festivals in Finland and abroad. "One of the most memorable gigs was when we got to perform for former Finnish President Tarja Halonen on Independence Day at the Presidential Palace, Tripple 2's songs have been played in Finland on the radio channels Yle X and Basso Radio. Tripple 2 has also received a lot of attention in Ghana. Their “Backshot” music video, reached Ghana’s most popular Music TV channel 4 Syte TV and their songs have been played in Ghana on several radio channels including Focus FM and Hit FM. Tripple 2 is releasing the new Afrobeat EP "Timeless" at the end of May. Many skilled international artists visit the EP album. The first single from the EP "Fool" will be released on Friday, February 26, 21 at Spotify, Youtube and Itunes.