Philly Billy, Trippz Michaud – Sometimes (Video)

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“-Sometimes- despite its dynamism, contains the essential, delicate and easy lyrical mood. A kind of aesthetic in the world of hip-hop music. We strongly recommend to pick this miracle for your sound collection.”

“-Sometimes- несмотря на свою динамичность, содержит в себе эфирное, такое тонкое и лёгкое лирическое настроение. Своеобразная эстетика в мире hip-hop музыки. Настоятельно рекомендуем забрать это чудо в свою коллекцию.”

Philly Billy’s musical journey started at the age of ten. His first recollection is his father playing jazz on an old piano. By fourteen-years-old he handled the guitar so well, that he became the musical director of the local rock band Pale. His life in those days mainly revolved around a Gibson Les Paul guitar, a Marshall amplifier and a record player. By age 18, Philly Billy discovered his talents for producing and songwriting. He has been part of the Norwegian music scene ever since. After high school, he moved to Oslo to work at Disclab Studio.

His first official release was a UK remix of Lene Marlin’s debut hit single “Unforgivable Sinner.” Shortly after, he founded the Audioklinikken Studios – a complex consisting of five different studios located in Norway. He produced and co-wrote Norwegian artist Erik Faber’s debut hit-album Between The Lines. Four top-10 hits were the result. Philly Billy has since then worked with some of the biggest names in the game.

Expect som major noise from the humble producer now that he is focusing on his own artist brand, Philly Billy. CALL 1- 800 Philly Billy

Btw, Philly Billy is stuck in a time rift in 1988!