Ukiah – For You (Spotify)

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“Charming rhythms and melodic Lo-fi Pop line. -For You- creates an atmosphere that introduces the listener into a special state. It also reveals all its beauty and uniqueness, like a flower under the rays of the dazzling sun.”

“Очаровывающие с первых секунд ритмы и мелодическая линия Lo-fi Pop. -For You- наделена атмосферой, которая вводит слушателя в особое состояние и в мгновении раскрывает всю свою красоту и необыкновенность, словно цветок под лучами ослепительного солнца. ”

This is a an ambient and very beat driven song with relaxing melodies with a contrasting up beat drum line.

Former drummer for Youth Lagoon and How to Dress Well , Ukiah has now set his sites on bolstering not just artist live sets but their production as well. His upcoming release is a stepping stone in co-writing and producing for other artists.