M-Dot, Conway the Machine, Nutso – Neck Tie (Spotify)

“-Neck tie- sounds very expressive by its atmosphere and Old-school Hip-Hop style. Cheerful, very juicy shock, expressive samples and a fair kind of humour. All this makes it a bright representative of its genre. Recommended? Definitely!”

“-Neck Tie- по своей атмосфере очень экспрессивный и местами напоминает trip-hop. Бодрые, очень сочные ударные, выразительные семплы и изрядная доля юмора. Всё это делает его ярким представителем своего жанра. Рекомендуем? Однозначно!”


German producer Whatson recruits long time collaborator and Boston legend M-Dot, Queens street capo Nutso and one of the biggest artists in the game right now, La Maquina himself, Conway the Machine (Shady Records/Griselda). On "Neck Tie" the three emcees trade barbaric lyricism over gritty production suited for the post-mortem mutilation the song title refers to. Also look out for M-Dot's upcoming vinyl release "Dining in Dystopia" coming this Fall.


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Good.To.Go, Devro – Du(el)ality (Spotify)

“The first thing that rushes into the eyes is the rhythm of the old Hip-Hop school. The track is very melodic and easily memorable. Believe me, you will remember these lyrics for a long time. Cheerful, bright and independent single!”

“Первое, что бросается в глаза - это ритмы старой школы Hip-Hop. Трек очень мелодичный и легко запоминающийся. Поверьте, этот текст вы будете напевать ещё долгое время. Бодрый, яркий и независимый сингл!”


Good.To.Go and Devro come together up on a smooth boombap track with soulful storytelling flows. The track keeps the cypher mentality with a back n forth vibe, giving each emcee time to share their side of the story while providing a unified honest front. Lyrical and poignant while keeping the listener at ease over a head bopping instrumental and simple touches of freestyle guitar.


theMVP – Here I Am (Video)

“”theMVP” has lit a dynamite, which is going to explode in a month’s time. Here we have the chance to enjoy now the fast pace and strong kick of this exuberant Rap vibe. Are you ready?”



theMVP is truly an artist that displays resilience for life. Born and raised in the working-class state of Rhode Island, the early life for theMVP was a downhill ride with the brake line cut. Known as a battle rapper and a non-stop freestyler that had to be pulled away from the mic. Although the hunger and skill was evident issues with the law, drugs and alcohol, money, keeping a job, and having a place to live kept this MC from being able to fully focus on hip-hop. After back to back life changing events in 2008 theMVP made a decision to change the way he lived, these life changes relocated him to Miami, FL. However, the attempt to blend into “normal lifestyle” and pretend he could live and function in Corporate America drove theMVP into a massive relapase on drugs and alcohol, which ended with him in rehab 2 times. After getting discharged from rehab in 2018 theMVP was attempting to build a independent business, after a meeting with a local film artist, he played a instrumental beat he made for theMVP to show him, this turned into a freestyle session that impressed the artist, the freestyle landed theMVP a spot in a local studio in Richmond Heights neighborhood of Miami. After recording 30 demo songs theMVP took the songs to many professional producers to turn them into official songs. After inspiring Yeyo787 owner of Trapical Music, grammy nominee and ASCAP awarded artist, the two teamed up to make theMVP’s debut album Blood on the MIC.

Urban Law Recordings, Rello, Gallo Locknez – We’re The solution – song by Urban Law Recordings, Rello, Gallo Locknez | Spotify (Spotify)

“If you prefer saturated and deep music -We're The Solution - definitely it will be a sure and unequivocal choice! Charming vocals, a wonderful rhythm section in the best traditions of the old HIP-HOP school. The personification of the quintessence of the abundant energy!”

“Если вы предпочитаете насыщенную и глубокую музыку -We're The Solution- определенно будет верным и однозначным выбором! Обворожительный вокал, замечательная ритм-секция в лучших традициях старой школы hip-hop. Олицетворение квинтэссенции неудержимой энергетики!”


This song is about the current state of the US government from a hip hop perspective. The production is unique and has a dope Hip hop vibe as well. With a beat switch accompanied by raw honest lyrics this song is a dope conscious record!

Gallo is an independent artist/producer who is the rapper behind the NBA SOUND UP tracks and the voice and music production behind the Canelo vs GGG 2 Rematch. Gallo also has produced for many tv shows such as Love and Hip Hop, Black Ink and many more. Also has produced for ESPN, NFL, Netflix many other movies, shows and commercials nationally and internationally. He has performed in many venues, schools and events all across the East Coast such as Jacksonville Fl, Miami Fl, NYC NY, West Palm Beach Fl, Scranton Pa, Brooklyn NY, Allentown Pa, Bethlehem Pa, Newark NJ, Harlem NY and Ft Lauderdale. He has entered and won “Dream REborn song contest” hosted by Greenforall.org and Jee Juh productions “Best Song Contest”. Gallo has had a write up on Bet.com, TMZ and has been interviewed by The Whirl magazine, Shade45, The Post Gazette, The Pocono Record, The Express Times, Lehigh Valley Live newspapers and many other media platforms.

Gallo is the founder of P.E.M (Positive Energy Movement) whose goal is to reach the masses through his positive music, videos and outreach projects. He supports many charities and loves giving back to his community. Through his positive mind frame and life, he creates an environment that will help to change people’s lives. He stands out amongst the crowd with his wiliness to go against the grain to promote positive thinking and growth.

ZZ The Pharaoh, Rita Kamale, IFE RA – Act Up! (Spotify)

“Atmospheric sound layers and explosive chorus that warm you like the rays of the Sun. All foggy melancholy retreats and retreats, while the resistant feeling of inner strength and harmony appears. Powerful composition with stunning sound elements!”

“Атмосферные слои звука, взрывные припевы, которые согревают тебя, словно лучи солнца. Рассеивается и отступает вся туманная меланхолия, появляется стойкое ощущение внутренней силы и гармонии. Мощная композиция с потрясающими звуковыми элементами!”



An alternative hip-hop artist and producer of Italian and Nigerian descent hailing from the West Midlands, ZZ’s been making his mark on the scene since 2015 under his previous alias ZZ, The Slept On.

ZZ has shown his skill set and versatility over his Lava Lamp EP series, several single releases under his previous alias and two notable headline shows. In 2020 ZZ evolved into his new alias ZZ The Pharaoh, going on to kick off 2021 with the release of his single ‘Years’, the debut track from his forthcoming album ‘The Conception Drive’.

ZZ is also one third of Manchester based hip-hop collective Roots Raddix, alongside Woddy Green and LayFullstop.

Juan Burgundy -Switching Sides (Video)

“Strong and very energetic work accompanied by gorgeous Hip-Hop rhythms. Vocals seem to be the most expressive part here. Excellent work and careful mix of the rhythm section. Some bright elements can prove it a well-sounding composition with the correct promise. Incredibly motivating song and unequivocal hit of its genre!”

“Сильный и очень энергичный сопровождающийся великолепными ритмами хип-хопа. Вокал кажется наиболее выразительным в эмоциональном плане. Отличная работа и в результате слушая общий микс ритм-секции, яркие элементы аранжировки, получилась хорошо звучащая композиция с правильным посылом. Невероятно мотивирующая песня, однозначный хит в своём жанре!”



Broughton – Life Lavish (Spotify)

“Super Rap single with nice rhymes and mind blowing kick. "Broughton" has given his best to leave us breathless and it seems it's working from the first seconds. Are you tired about listening typical sounds? Prepare for a big change with "Life Lavish".”



LG (Team Genius) – YBM [Official Music Video] (Video)

“”Team Genius” attack with this new hit in the Rap scene. Summer is already burning hot and “YBM” sets another fire in the streets. The bomb has been activated and it’s going to explode in less than four minutes. can you withstand such power? Hit “play” and find out!”


“YBM” is an honest, political track about police brutality and systematic racism in the US. The music video went viral on TikTok and Instagram Reels this past week after its release on Juneteenth (6/19).


YBM is the movement song that covers all the different roles & faces of our culture. From the relentless protest we’ve witness in 2020 to the dance culture in the clubs. YBM is the anthem for all that is “black.” It speaks to the mentality of “black excellence”, but also embodies the “twerk and bounce” of gritty hip-hop. The purpose of YBM is for the youth to have a song that captures everything we are without, frowning upon a different side of the culture. When we can except all that is us, from “ratchet to riches” we can then expect others to follow. The change starts with us, although we are born from our ancestors – we are far from the times of falling in line and following rules! We are the new generation and we are no longer afraid of our blackness!

Lively, dynamic, and infected by a ferocious no-nonsense attitude, LG pushes her listeners to get up and get moving. Sometimes all we need is a good punch to the gut, and LG doesn’t hold back. Fast-paced and unapologetic, LG’s rapid-fire verses explode with their fierceness and sincerity. The rhythmic beat juxtaposes the impossibly smooth vocal passages, a rare type of bluntness that’s a welcome slap across the face.

LG grew up in Philadelphia and was brought up under the musical tutelage of her own parents. LG’s mother in particular had a significant impact on defining her music career, writing raps that LG would perform in front of her family and at talent shows as young as four years old. Learning the drums at age six and later the piano, LG’s musical roots run deep and her passion only grew after she began writing her own material:

“At the age of 12 my mother bought me Protools’ Digi Design Box and a [Apple] G5 tower so I could record my own songs. At the point I realized music was what I wanted to do in life on a professional level. I would record sometimes 8 songs a day.”
LG’s mother also taught her the fundamentals of freestyling, showing her how to string words together and the basics of structuring a song. LG’s freestyling prowess landed her significant east coast radio station plays including support from Power99FM, 1039 HipHop (formerly known as “Boom Philly”), and Hot97, and for good reason.

LG’s unrelenting vocals intertwine seamlessly with the powerful beat, demonstrating impressive cognizance regarding just how powerful music can be. Her music soars, yanking the listener to their feet and pushes them to achieve more, to do more with the life they were given. Some tracks are imbued with a quiet urgency, an intensity that holds its listeners accountable for what they do next:

“Music is a great way to get lost in a different world, I think this project isn’t so much about getting lost in the music, but tapping into your passion for what you want and using that to focus on accomplishing the goals you’ve set or the things you aspire to do.”

The music punches, pulls, and spurs the listener to groove along. The dynamic sound battles with a simple yet profound message: get off your ass and move! LG’s music doesn’t waste time, and it expects you to do the same. With an empowering sound and uncontrollable ambition, LG implores you to take on the world with the mindset that every breath, every step is an opportunity to succeed.


Sense Offence – Free Speech (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (Video)

“The New Zealand rapper “Sense Offence” strikes in the scene, with his clever “Free Speech”. As its title reveals; it’s a fierce reaction against the destructive system, against a world that wants us to be speechless, silent and unable to use our mind. Words of deep meaning by a real artist.”


This a bar-heavy rap written over a classic boom bap beat about the suppression of free speech (especially for artists) and the political polarization that is driving division and hate between people.


Sense Offence is a New Zealand hip-hop artist and genre fluid rapper.

His music covers topics such as mental health, drug addiction, relationship difficulties and suicide, tackling these heavy topics with a brutal realism about their realities balanced with a strong belief that recovery is possible and offering encouragement to anyone battling these demons to keep fighting.

He is an extremely versatile artist often incorporating elements from different genres and a highly technical rapper with a mastery of complex flow patterns, strong delivery, powerful story telling and intricate multi-syllabic rhyme schemes.


Matthew Cuban – Ivanna II (Spotify)

“If you keep parallel with modern music, then -ivanna II- sounds very fresh. The sound palette, melody and total energy of Hip-Hop rhythms are combined so harmonious that it causes only one feeling; admiration. Feel the professionalism, creative vein and skill of the composer.”

“Если провести параллель с современной музыкой, то -Ivanna II- звучит очень свежо. Звуковая палитра, мелодия и общая энергетика hip-hop ритмов сочетаются настолько гармонично, что это вызывает лишь одно чувство - восхищение. Чувствуется профессионализм, творческая жилка и мастерство аранжировщика и композитора.”


Sometimes music is the only thing to get you through tough times.



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