someofw – Movement

“This piece of music is one of the best I've heard in a while. Beautiful themes, strings sections, lush piano, arranged perfectly. I hope that this would feature in some movie soundtrack one day. Something that I played in a loop for an hour, just amazing, pure musical art.”

Sleeping Lily – On It Goes

“The breathing of the chamber orchestra and the lonely crying of the piano in the middle of the ice lake. Music, which constrains your hearts, connects the lonely souls of everyone who has lost their way in the darkness and is looking for a satellite. Here it is - your music is a guiding star. Take her hand and follow her where the light is. The heart will not deceive.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Дыхание камерного оркестра и одинокий плач фортепиано посередине ледяного озера. Музыка, которая сковывает ваши сердца, связывает одинокие души всех, кто заблудился во тьме и ищет спутника. Вот она — музыка ваша путеводная звезда. Возьмите её за руку и иди за ней туда, где свет. Сердце не обманет.”

Liam MacLean – Lost Thoughts

“It is impossible to pass by such music. It cannot be turned off or quieter, rewind it to another track or not listened to the end. Music, which once visiting your soul will never leave it. A very beautiful neoclassical work from -Liam maclean-.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мимо такой музыки пройти невозможно. Её нельзя выключить или сделать тише, перемотать на другой трек или недослушать до конца. Музыка, которая однажды посетив вашу душу уже никогда не покинет её. Очень красивое неоклассическое произведение от -Liam MacLean-.”

Roman Nagel – Mireya

“If there is a dance on the ice, then why cannot there be a dance of the soul, in which the piano melody entered the lake like a white swan. Charm and love in every note played, feelings that pour over the edge and drip with warm tears right under the feet.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если существует танец на льду, то почему не может существовать танца души, в которую словно белый лебедь в озеро вошла мелодия фортепиано. Очарование и любовь в каждой сыгранной ноте, чувства, которые льются через край и капают тёплыми слезами прямо под ноги.”

Artist said about this song:

"This single is dedicated to my beloved and wonderful ex-girlfriend Mireya. She motivated me to write this track. Even though things went wrong back then, there is a bright gratitude in me when I remember our time. We should always cherish people we once loved. "

The String Theory – Solar Song

“The beauty and magic of a chamber orchestra, in which you can enjoy the singing of violins, the piano melody and plunge into the thick atmosphere of the female choir. A little sad, melancholy, but crazy beauty, which will leave behind a whole bouquet of unforgettable emotions!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красота и волшебство камерного оркестра, в котором можно насладиться пением скрипок, мелодией фортепиано и погрузиться в густую атмосферу женского хора. Немного грустная, меланхоличная, но безумной красоты композиция, которая оставит после себя целый букет незабываемых эмоций!”

The Grammy-nominated ensemble The String Theory are releasing ‘Solar Song’ - An intrinsic piece with a profound strings and vocalists motif - a musical flow carrying the idea that humans are made of the same stuff as the stars and each and every one carries Light, like an inner sun shining from within, maybe some would call it a soul. The melody generates from the feeling that each individual, each soul has a melody, its very own song, that is as old as the echo of creation. This unusual song will leave you pondering on your stardust origin while floating through the relativity of time.

Brianna Tam – Aorta

“Music, which comes from the very bowels of your lonely soul and wants to be more heard. There is something ritual in this neoclassical melody that arouses hidden feelings. A beautiful, chamber composition with the breath of cello. Such live and so necessary here and now. Thank you!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка, которая исходит из самых недр вашей одинокой души и желает быть скорее услышанной. Есть в этой неоклассической мелодии нечто ритуальное, что пробуждает скрытые чувства. Прекрасная, камерная композиция с дыханием виолончели. Такая живая и такая необходимая здесь и сейчас. Спасибо!”

"Aorta" is a moody, all cello, multi-layer track, inspired by its live-looped version. Its sound is a fusion of soundtrack, hip hop, and classical. This track is part of the album, I AM, which will be released later this summer.

Benjamin Grundahl – Ohm & I

“This solo piano piece envelops you in a delicate state of bittersweet feelings. Absolutely peaceful mood which slowly unfolds itself in a world of constant flow. Ideal music to listen alone in search of self-balance.”

The 27-year-old pianist Benjamin Grundahl is a rising piano talent in the neoclassical genre. There is nothing quite like the soft depression of a piano key. Expressing serenity through his four pieces 'Ohm & I', 'Sol', 'Atomos', and 'Ad Hoc', the medium-slow instrumentals calm and relax you - and almost make you sonder. On the piece 'Ohm & I', it oozes serenity and tranquility through the soothing, serene melancholy notes paint pictures of Scandinavian forests, calm lakes, and fresh morning mist. On 'Ohm & I', you can expect light piano with deep emotion.

Eric Heitmann & Ryan Dimmock – Ashes That Remain

“When the gray ash falls on the tired ground, it turns into a velvet carpet, through which green stems occasionally peeping over. Let this neoclassical melody associate you with the birth of something new, because sooner or later, sprouts of a nascent life appear on the field of past battle. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Когда серый пепел опускается на уставшую землю, она превращается в бархатный ковёр, сквозь который изредка проглядывают зелёные стебельки. Пусть эта неоклассическая мелодия ассоциируется у вас с рождением чего-то нового, ведь рано или поздно даже на поле былой битвы появляются ростки зарождающейся жизни.”

Rick Gallagher Project – Buoy

“Trust the hands of Rick Gallagher for an elusive piano experience. A light classic creation which floats like bubble in the thin air. Sound with own attitude, perfect for moments of silence and meditative mood. Adjust the volume level, wear headphones and live this moment.”

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