Eydís Evensen – Dawn Is Near

“The neoclassical melody inspires, immerses in his unique world, helps to remove from the surrounding reality and makes it possible to plunge into memories of something good, bright and important. This is a melody shrouded in the haze of nostalgia. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Неоклассическая мелодия воодушевляет, погружает в свой уникальный мир, помогает отстраниться от окружающей действительности и даёт возможность погрузиться в воспоминания о чём-то добром, светлом и важном. Это мелодия окутанная дымкой ностальгии.”


XXIM Records is proud to release Icelandic classically-trained pianist and post-classical composer Eydís Evensen’s second release on the label with the new Frost EP, featuring four brand new piano compositions inspired by the harsh, dramatic winters of her homeland. She’s also been announced as part of the first wave of performers for this year’s edition of Iceland Airwaves.


To celebrate the release, she shares her new video for “Dawn Is Near” today — an intimate yet warm look into her engaging piano style. The track has bright spots, and is a little quicker; the strings, together with ascending piano lines, strike a hopeful note, optimistic even, mirroring the warmth that starts to creep in as the days lengthen.

Arrowsmith – Soar

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Interesting interweaving percussion elements and piano melodies. At the same time, both parties are not trying to intercept the initiative by each other, creating a well-balanced composition. The condition of the flight of the soul, body weightlessness and the complete cleansing of thoughts.”

“Интересное переплетение перкуссионных элементов и мелодии пиано. При этом обе партии не пытаются перехватить инициативу друг у друга, создавая отлично сбалансированную композицию. Состояние полёта души, невесомости тела и полное очищение мыслей.”



Soar is the latest release in a series of pieces composed around the modern relationships beginning, middle and increasingly common end. With the second release ‘Fly’ depiciting the honey-moon period, Soar is composed around the beginning of a relationship ending.

Soar is overall a very positive piece; however, these parts are constantly overwhelming the fractures which can be heard panned hard left and right.

Henrik von Euler – Stor mellan

“If you prefer (Neo) Classical sound, trust "Henrik von Euler" for a short listening break. The artist has combined piano notes with wind instruments in order to create an image of warmth. This piece can make you feel so comfortable, like being with the best company of friends.”


Today we release Stor mellan, the first single from the upcoming album Små Vågor 5 by Henrik von Euler and Små Vågor. You

Stor mellan is the only reasonable order at Restaurang Hjälmaren in Årsta. Everything else has become too expensive. I think they’re keeping the price down on it just so we can stay. We usually sit in Smygen or at table five. Table five is called Masa beş which phonetically translates to loads of beers in Swedish (Massa bärs).

We who sit there are Rickard, Osten, Pelle, Tove, Linda, Anna, Martina, Anders, Conny, Hult, Kajsa, Lisa, Uhrlander, Hygglo, Sampan, Caroline Boxarn and Bubben. Bengtssons used to sit there but they have moved to the city.

Markus Lehmann-Horn – Escape Attempt

“A gloomy, tension-inducing track, whose enchanting and hypnotizing atmosphere, captures your attention. Its orchestral sound and chorales can leave an indelible impression. Strong, rich and emotional work!”

“Мрачный, нагнетающий тревогу и беспокойство трек, чья пугающая, но в то же время чарующая, гипнотизирующая атмосфера, фокусирует на себе всё внимание. Оркестровая музыка и хоралы производят неизгладимое впечатление. Сильная, насыщенная и эмоциональная работа!”


Soundtrack to "Forgotten Border", the formal deadliest Easter-Bloc border in the world.

Felix Rösch – Berceuse Rework

“This Neoclassical composition will fill you with warm sensations that will smoothly cool down, like a cup of warm tea in your hands. Music that is able to pick up the key to your soul and maintain the necessary balance of harmony and peace inside it.”

“Эта неоклассическая композиция наполнит вас тёплыми ощущениями, которые будут плавно остывать, словно кружка тёплого чая в ваших руках. Музыка, которая способна подобрать ключ к вашей душе и сохранить в ней необходимый баланс гармонии и умиротворения. ”


After the great success of ‘Berceuse’ — with radio plays from New York’s WQXR, to UK’s Scala radio, film synchronizations and beautiful playlist adds — it only felt natural to re-imagine this piece for my upcoming album ‘Fragmente’. While staying true to the original melody, this rework for string quartet and electronics shines a whole new light onto the quiet timbre of this gentle lullaby.


Berlin-based composer Felix Rösch blends his years of experience as a classical composer and his passion for experimental electronic music into colorful, carefully constructed arrangements and contemplative ambiences.

His music is inspired by contemporary classical composers like John Adams, Henryk Górecki, and Anders Hillborg as well as artists like Rival Consoles, Max Richter and Ben Frost.

His latest EP ‘Piano’ — out May 28 — meshes fluid piano improvisations with carefully constructed layers of analog synthesizers and delicate string arrangements. The EP was entirely produced live on YouTube. On Feb 3 the second single ‘Interlude II’ from ‘Piano’ was released. “This track started as a piano improvisation, where I was fascinated by the idea of stoically repeating the most rudimentary two-note chord possible. That simplicity felt very liberating like I just hit the bottom of something I still can't really describe. From there everything else fell into place pretty quickly. This is probably my favorite piece on this EP.” Felix says.

‘Piano’ follows 2020’s ‘MYA’ and ‘str:orchestra’, which were featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Classical New Releases, and Not Quite Classical playlists, and were licensed to a global Burberry advertisement campaign.

Over the past ten years, his orchestral compositions have frequently been performed and recorded by world-renowned orchestras like the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg and the WDR Symphony Orchestra & Choir. He has won several awards and scholarships and his music can be heard in countless theater performances, audiobook soundtracks, and film scores.


Chiel Nugter – Watertoren

“Discover a Neoclassic flower which slowly blooms, revealing its vivid colours of absolute artistry. "Watertoren" is the result of vibrating violin and piano chords, tied together in a very integral way.”



Chiel Nugter is a Dutch composer who is master of both Spanish and classical guitar. His genre can be described as dreamy and melancholic music where you can be thrown back in time as a way of 100% years. In addition to the music he releases under his own name, he also makes electronic music under the name Sabora. Here he cuts the more dark side of his soul and the more dark side of how he can see society. In 2016 Chiel also wrote a piece for sypmhonieorkest Tourrmalijn in honor of the Commemoration of jews in camp Vught. In 2020, Chiel created works inspired by cultural-historical events and buildings related to the city for the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch. His latest work is a neo-classical album, with only the main instruments classical guitar and violin.

Felix Räuber – Between the Lines

“Its grand in so many ways. It builds emotion and captures our heart waiting for the next step. Like wide open spaces on distant beaches during sunrise, it leaves a imprint in ones soul. We loved the build up really engaging from many angles. ”


This beautiful instrumental is part of EP "WALL".

Gifts From Crows – A Resolution (Strings) (Spotify)

“Richard Laurence approach to Epic Music is quite advanced and worths listening. This time, the british artist has worked with a photographer and his new sound is inspired by images. Don't miss those deep, slightly melancholic and heartwarming melodies! ”


This is the feature track new album ‘Stories in Slow Light. It was inspired by a photograph taken by Helena Whitten.

Listen full album here:


The piece was recorded at Swallow Studios in Smallwood and features members of the string section of the Northern Film Orchestra.


William Philipson – Sparrow (Video)

“Freedom through motion and delicate valleys of flower petal laced landscapes. Its deep and it seems to be clairvoyant in its own way. Excellent strings carry the soft pulsing rhythm to its own place. ”


Directed by Dominykas B. Ivanauskis

Starring Ieva Labanauskaitė

Shot and Edited by Aurimas Čepelis

Costumes and make up by Miglė Kunickytė

Colour graded by Luke Ross (www.lukerosspost.com)

Strings performed by Marta Z (www.martazmusic.com)


Jim Perkins – Cloud Memory (Spotify)

“There're instances when we need to spent some time alone, away from the constant noise that fills everything. Just wear headphones and let this music travel you where you need to go. "Cloud Memory" is an Ambient & Drone masterpiece with deep relaxation properties.”



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