Andi – Money (Spotify)

“Catchy work with high sound quality that deserves our attention! In this track, each element is clearly heard in a final mix that stimulates the senses. Also the bass transfers its vibration to your body. Enjoy!”

“Общая работа со звуком и качество сведения заслуживают очень высокой оценки! В пространстве трека чётко слышится каждый инструмент, ни один не выбивается из потока и в общем миксе каждый звук на своём месте. А работа над басом заслуживает особого внимания и вибрация ваших колонок тому подтверждение!”

Andi may be new on the scene but she's no rookie. Singing from the age of 6 and writing songs since 11, Andi has recently garnered nearly 1 million new Tik Tok followers since the start of the year and independently added 100,000 Spotify followers. At only 19, she has several anthemic pop smashes under her belt and is back with another hit.

"Money" is Andi holding no prisoners as she gives side eye to the silver spooners who have no self awareness. Sliding between flippant vocals and a sludgy, pre-chorus bass line, Andi goes after how money affects us all - including artists. This track will rightfully have you questioning ethical consumption while at the club.

Says Andi,

Having moved to LA at 16, I was exposed to a very toxic culture surrounding fake wealth, clout etc… As a young artist, it’s very easy to get caught up in the mix of it. Money was incredibly fun to make; it’s pretty much a diss track to the people who think they’re better than you due to their social status.

Andi's young start with music and performance is the foundation of her connection with her rapidly growing fanbase. Not only did she go the more typical route of theater camp, but rather than cover her favorite songs, she wrote parodies of them. Andi has a goal of using self-awareness to connect with her fellow teens as she charts the trials and tribulations that come with her age.

Now, Andi is taking on her peers' obsession with wealth with her latest single, "Money".