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Nagamag proudly presents the song with title “Infinite Horizon” by the talented “Artifex x Eric Heitmann”. A unique Neoclassical composition that captured the attention of Nagamag’s curators, who were deeply moved by the emotions awakened during their listening experience of “Artifex x Eric Heitmann – Infinite Horizon”. The song expresses Neo / Modern Classical, Cinematic / Epic Music, Classical Strings music genre details that worth to be enjoyed by listening the full production!
Nagamag music magazine gladfully shares with you the following music review that one of our experienced Neoclassical reviewers motivated to write about “Artifex x Eric Heitmann – Infinite Horizon”. Nagamag, as an international music magazine, reviews Neoclassical songs that discovers around the globe, for Neoclassical listeners of all over the world! The original review of “Artifex x Eric Heitmann – Infinite Horizon” is written in the native language that is spoken by the dedicated Nagamag’s Neoclassical reviewer and followed by two translations, of which the first one depends from the origin of the artist “Artifex x Eric Heitmann” (United States) and the other is translated in English/Spanish/Greek depended by the original music review as well as the first translation.

“Σαν ένα απαλό αεράκι έρχεται η μελωδία και με αρπάζει από το χέρι. Σιγά σιγά το ταξίδι μας γίνεται όλο και πιο απολαυστικό με χιλιάδες συναισθήματα να πάλλονται μέσα μου. Θλίψη και χαρά στήνουν έναν απίστευτο και εντυπωσιακό χορό κάτω από τον απέραντο μπλε ουρανό. Τα σύννεφα μόλις σκόρπισαν και το μυαλό βλέπει πια καθαρά αυτό που τόσο καιρό έπρεπε να δει.”

“Like a gentle breeze comes the melody and grabs me by the hand. Slowly our journey is becoming more and more enjoyable with thousands of emotions pulsating. Sadness and joy set up an incredible and impressive dance under the endless blue sky. The clouds have just scattered and the mind now sees what he had to see for so long.” *

“Como una suave brisa viene la melodía y me agarra de la mano. Poco a poco, nuestro viaje se está volviendo cada vez más agradable con miles de emociones pulsantes. La tristeza y la alegría establecieron un baile increíble e impresionante bajo el infinito cielo azul. Las nubes se han dispersado y la mente ahora ve lo que tenía que ver durante tanto tiempo.” *

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