Daniel Rosenholm – La Solitude (Spotify)

“-La Solitude- composition is a reflection of the feelings and emotions we have. Fond memories of cool, outgoing into oblivion of past. Crystal tears of beauty in every note ...”

“Композиция -La Solitude- это отражение чувств и эмоций каждого из нас. Тёплые воспоминания о прохладном, уходящем в забвение прошлом. Кристальная словно слёзы красота в каждой ноте...”



Daniel Rosenholm – November (Video)

“This kind of music is as a medicine against the fast forward way of life and information we live nowadays. Instantly it invites you to stop now, not waste your time only in your out-self experiences, devote bit of time for your inner self. Think, listen, feel. Daniel Rosenholm with November , soundtracks that with his gently performance full of emotive harmonies. ”



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