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Banco de Gaia Interview on Nagamag


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Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Banco de Gaia:
World dance, global, ambient, trance, techno, dub

Few words about your musical background and career?

Banco de Gaia:
I started out playing drums in rock bands then moved on to guitar. In the 80's I was playing jazz and listening to world music then discovered acid house and became immersed in electronic dance music. Since 1989 I've been writing, recording and performing as Banco de Gaia and I'm not sure if I'll ever stop!

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Banco de Gaia:
I saw Hawkwind performing Silver Machine on TV when I was 6 or 7. Lots of strobes and smoke and a man with long hair, I thought 'that's what I want to do'.

Why is world music so imprtant to you?

Banco de Gaia:
I love combining sounds from different countries and cultures, it constantly amazes me that music from wildly different places can share the same basic heart. Music really is a universal language.

What have you been working on recently?

Banco de Gaia:
I just released a two-track single 'Pirates and Princes' as part of New York Times reporter Ian Urbina's 'Outlaw Ocean' project. He has been travelling the seas documenting what goes on out in international waters where no laws apply. It's pretty grim at times but it's important to spotlight the crimes that are going on out there, and incorporating his reporting into music has been a fascinating mission.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Banco de Gaia:
Yes "Going For The One"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Banco de Gaia:
William Orbit "Water from a Vine Leaf"

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Inf, gHSTS & gUITARS, Tomas Delfgaauw – Drop Out (Spotify)

“-Drop Out- is real poetry in the framework of Jazz and Chill-Hop music genre. Tightcloth in your discography. Smooth, melodic rhythm, excellent work with samples and live instruments and an amazing aftertaste. It's exactly what you will need during your lonely evenings.”

“-Drop Out- настоящая поэзия в рамках музыкального жанра Jazz и Chill-Hop. Лакомый кусочек в вашей дискографии. Ровный, мелодичный ритм, прекрасная работа с семплами и живыми инструментами и удивительное лёгкое послевкусие. -Drop Out- именно то, что с любовью скрасит ваши одинокие вечера.”

Sometimes music just exceeds every expectation one might have. And this track might be the perfect example. Starting out as a smooth and jazzy encounter it naturally morphs into this funky reggae style beat with a horn section that's going to get stuck in your head for days. Perfect summer jam.

Dub Boat – Signs (Spotify)

“The main qualities of -Signs- are the melody and energy of Reggae. Music that has a magnetic effect, filled with mentality, meaning and love from its creators. Deep work that can easily attract you.”

“Главные качества -Signs- это мелодия и энергетика reggae. Музыка, которая обладает магнетическим эффектом, она наполнена душевностью, смыслом и любовью автора. Глубокое произведение, слушается легко и очень приятно!”

Mike Caudell on Saxophone in song Signs.

Dub Boat is an instrumental Reggae band hailing from Boston's North Shore. The band brings influences from Jazz, Rock, Funk and Soul to create a unique Reggae sound, with heavy grooves, deep pockets, and catchy melodies. The band includes current and former members of Soul Rebel Project, The Brew, Cold Engines, and the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. Dub Boat's self-titled 2020 debut release charts new territories in Reggae music.

Jon Persson - Trumpet
Adam Saylor - Bass
David Drouin - Guitar
John Funkhouser - Keyboards
Aaron Zaroulis - Drums

FeelFree – “Big Shot Man” (Video)

“”FeelFree” new single in Reggae mood and protesting spirit. Lyrics full of meaning in a song with fighting attitude against control and human manipulation. The sound that gives courage and can replace our lost energy. Don’t miss it.”

Big Shot Man” the latest single from FeelFree unloads a full lyrical clip into the greed-fueled, divisive culture that has pervaded American politics for far too long. This rootsy protest anthem from the D.C. based band features FeelFree’s hard-hitting horns and a memorable chorus that sings, “we will never be afraid, though you wanna manipulate, we love what you hate, and we’ll build what you break.

Periklis Biskinis – Panthers (Spotify)

“We must pay tribute to the creator of -Panthers- track. He has made a spiritual work, from which may result some harmony for the body and soul. A great opportunity to relax and clean your mind from any thoughts for the next five minutes.”

“Нужно отдать должное авторам трека -Panthers-, у них вышла очень душевная работа, от которой так и веет беззаботностью, гармонией души и тела. Прекрасная возможность расслабиться и не думать ни о чём хотя бы пять минут.”

A Greek Reggae song full of groove

Fable – Womb (Spotify)

“Thoroughly absorbing from the beginning to the end, Fable entrances the listener with her bewitching vocals & spellbinding melodies in her new minimal dub-wise single. Womb examines the ebb & flow of the cycles of life with a pulsating beat, epic chorus & poignant lyrics. ”

Brighton singer-songwriter Fable today unveils her brand new single ‘Womb’, out now via Naim Records. The track is the latest offering from her forthcoming debut album and follows in the wake of the trip hop and neo soul blending ‘Orbiting’, which drew praise from the likes of NME, 6Music, CLASH and more.

With its stripped-back dubwise beat and spectral sonics, ‘Womb’ ebbs and flows like the cycles of life it discusses, building from a beguiling verse into a throbbing chorus and a bridge that swarms with headbanging dread. “'Womb' talks about cycles of emotional states, the repetitive highs and lows that I experience throughout the month, and in the end finding the strength to just push forwards with things. The seasons of the female body are often not acknowledged in the structure of our lives and society lacks respect for the trials and tribulations of womanhood,” Fable explains.

“Its meaning is not limited to the Lunar cycles of the female body - we all experience flux - we're not the same molecules we were 7 years ago, and it's about finding a way to ride the waves of constant change. The track was influenced by my love of Dub and sound system culture; my Mum would play Linton Kwesi Johnson through her bump when she was pregnant with me and it's been a comfort ever since,” she adds.

Having built up a reputation as one of the UK's most promising new artists, being lauded by the likes of The Guardian, Mixmag, Q and Rolling Stone, collaborating with Orbital and playing at Glastonbury, the tragic loss of a close friend and resultant burnout and depression led to Fable taking time out from her music career in 2016 to protect her mental health. Four years later, and now an ambassador for mental health charity My Black Dog, Fable is relaunching her sound to the world, with previous single ‘Orbiting’ unveiled in February. Newly-signed to Naim Records, the label wing of the award-winning premium audio brand, she has recorded a debut album of genre-fluid, searingly honest and darkly beautiful music that spans from urgent post punk to introspective electronica, whilst posing questions that are both timely and personal, yet timeless.

Takeyce – Everything is Gonna Be Alright (Video)

“Everything is Gonna Be Alright and if you still have different opinion, will change your mind asap get through this new song of Takeyce. Delivering sunshine to the most hidden corners of your soul, soulful vocal performance, warm harmonies and a beautiful groove, tight together into a solid mix/production. A mood fixer packed with all qualities. ”

A song of hope, joy, courage, love and anything else you want to make you feel great amidst life’s trials! —- Takeyce

Takeyce, the Jamaican-Canadian singer-songwriter and daughter of Jamaica’s “pioneer of Gospel,”—Claudelle Clarke, has been following in her mother’s footsteps since the age of five. Blending the genres of reggae dancehall, worldbeat, afrobeat, funk, and at times, ska, Takeyce users her deep and soulful voice to captivate her listeners.

Her newest single “Warrior King,” takes the listener into a somewhat mythical world where a woman sings about her “warrior king,” a person the woman relies on and is striving to find their “true soul spirit,” in a world full of distractions. The track is funky with its laidback chorus bassline and Takeyce’s voice shines at the front as she harmonizes with herself and occasionally raps to the beat. Her voice is uplifting and powerful and the production by Dr. Tab gives the illusion that she is singing right in front of the listener.

“It gives a reggae dancehall afro flow; a fantastic way to end such a difficult year and set the vibes for a hopeful and joyful new one,” Takeyce says.

“Warrior King” is part of an upcoming EP in 2021, funded by Factor Canada.

In June 2019 her first independent album, MEN*Tal was released. An eclectic mix of reggae, afro, r&b, the album featured musical production from Jamaica, Nigeria, Poland, USA, and Canada and had Takeyce’s first French song, “Continuer,” featured in the City of Toronto’s seasonal playlist.

Takeyce is also a Factor Canada Juror and a committee member for CKUT 90.3 FM (McGill University) representing the Black Community. She is the Founder and CEO for the Natural Health and Beauty Product Company, Ti’Z Natural.

She is the Founder/DJ/Host of “A Multilingual Affair” Radio Show and Podcast on CKUT, 90.3 FM (McGill University)—a show done in English, French, Spanish, Patois with music played from all over the world and featuring International and local Artists.

Takeyce has performed with legendary reggae artists, Mighty Diamonds, Luciano, and Ed Robinson. When she performs live she is usually backed up by the band The Reggae Funkers. a group of talented professional musicians who have played with top international artists.

Marcus Gad – Purify (Spotify)

“An artist from New Caledonia brings his exotic and fresh air at your place. He also uses music to communicate important messages and share knowledge. The song "Purify" is a perfect example of all the above and also highly recommended for your playlist.”

This song has been recorded in New Caledonia, south pacific island where Marcus Gad grew up.

It was released in 2016 but its message is out of time scale.

"Purify your body head to toe / Your thoughts ina your mind and slowly make Jah rhythm flow / Nature is the keeper of your body and your soul..."

"Brothers, sisters, watch out what you put in your body / If you are what you eat then think about what you must be / If you still feed yourself upon their industry?..."

Dubbydubich – Crimean Connection – Rode Bozhe Zhito (Spotify)

“Crystal clear instrumental indie creation for your chilling break. The absolute mystic wave of an other dimension. An elixir to clean your mind from useless thoughts and negative energy. Listen carefully in full length!”

Based on a Ukrainian native folk song and spiced with an electronic world fusion.

Dubbydubich is a Crimean based producer and musician, observing a world of an electronic world fusion phenomena.
Part and influencer of Crimean Connection, Gelatinos and a Suatkan Studio, independent indie label.

Dub Adventure – Eighteen Thirty (Spotify)

“It's time to listen something different. 18:30 is a pleasant Dub track full of creativity and music expression. The sound transitions reveal an exceptional work too!”

Blending breakbeat with rock and dub bass

Thessaloniki, 2015, seven players and friends gathered and formed the Dub Adventure. Since then, they practice dub forms in reggae bass and space area.

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