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Camille Murray “Amnesia Love” (Video)

“Camille Murray with his new song -Amnesia Love- push us through a deep forest, out of the usual one ;) where the dub vibes and smooth grooves and electronica influences are lush yet the vocals drive gently, giving a blend of hypnotizing mood. Music to laid back and…”

Camille Murray is Bost’s new project, that explores a mix of dub & electro music. Bost is a well-known reggae producer, Grammy winner for Morgan Heritage’s « Strictly Roots » in 2016 and also producer of Chronixx’s « Skankin Sweet ». His new track is called « Amnesia Love », and for the first the time, you can hear him sing through a vocoder, bringing a french touch at this kind of electro-rocksteady never heard before, with a lot of synthetizers, a kete drum and a moog solo !

Dub Boat – Lost Connection (Spotify)

“Invite your friends to your roof, make the right atmosphere, serve the right drinks, volume up your stereo to please your neighborhood and press play on -Lost Connection- by Dub Boat. Feel connected with the amazing playful bass line which keep you warm whole way and let your feet follow up the groove along a brilliant sound layering. Wonderful reggae dub!”

Lost Connection is Dub Boats first singe off of their upcoming album Moonlight Radio. The song was recorded remotely during the first months of the pandemic. It features their piano player Jon Funkhousier on Melodica.

Dub Boat is an instrumental Reggae band hailing from Boston's North Shore. The band brings influences from Jazz, Rock, Funk and Soul to create a unique Reggae sound, with heavy grooves, deep pockets, and catchy melodies. The band includes current and former members of Soul Rebel Project, The Brew, Cold Engines, and the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. Dub Boat's self-titled 2020 debut release charts new territories in Reggae music.

Jon Persson - Trumpet
Adam Saylor - Bass
David Drouin - Guitar
John Funkhouser - Keyboards
Aaron Zaroulis - Drums

High Water Bridge – Sea Legs (Video)

“Sea legs a track from the debut album Senescence of High Water Bridge is a magnificent prog rock piece that best demonstrate groupe’s own musical identity and approach to composition with vivid melodies along with upbeat grooves ”

The 6th track from High Water Bridge’s debut album Senescence sees the band take their craft down a different, dub-inspired path.

Sea Legs begins with a loopy and swaying bassline as layers of spacey effects get the listener on board for a voyage across open oceans with stormy swells.

Look out for the Euphonium adding brass riffs to a tongue in cheek lyrical and vocal ride, that will leave you tripping over your own legs, in search of the next trippy High Water Bridge tune.

High Water Bridge (HWB) is an experimental five-piece band from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, born in the winter of 2017 out of late-night jams in the derelict heart of their home city. Central to the formation of the band was a shared rehearsal space, as well as many shared bands over the years. As various projects formed and collapsed and merged at the jam spot, HWB came to be the latest incarnation of an inventive group of PE musicians who refuse to be swayed by the prevailing musical climate of cover versions and tribute shows, and continually strive to seek out new forms and sounds for their music.

HWB describe their sound as “spectral rock.” Encompassing elements of psychedelic rock, trip-hop, dub, garage rock, ambient and electronica, HWB take you on vivid, winding sound journeys of beautiful vocal melodies and harmonies, upbeat grooves drawn from an array of genres, chiming delay guitar riffs, and layered, shifting soundscapes composed of all manner of spectral ephemera: loops, obscure samples, keyboards/synths, programmed beats and euphonium. They also do a pretty mean ballad.

A strong feature of the music is the use of two distinct vocalists, who swap between lead and harmony (as well as bass guitar) depending on the song. Although the sound draws from a diverse well, and there are many surprise turns over the course of a set or album, HWB have sought to forge their own musical identity and approach to composition.

Thus far the focus of the band has been on writing as much music as possible, and the recording of their 2020 debut album, Senescence, but they hope to use the recording as an opportunity to spread their wings as a live act.

The band consists of Nick Erasmus (drums), Jason King (keyboards, samples), Alex Kromhout (vocals/bass), Nelis van Tonder (guitar) and Kendal Beadon (vocals, bass, keyboards, samples, euphonium).

Locked and Loaded (Video)

“Locked and Loaded from Stefanosis through its minimal layering yet mix tighted, it gives you the proper reggae dub vibes you need, hypnotizing you in his beautiful melodica harmony guided by its solid bass groove. Forgive us for any typos but we always review by listening, and sometimes we dance through as here!”

Stefanosis is a multi-instrumentalist, independent producer based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in reggae dub, instrumentals, deep-house, ambient chill-out and organic electronica. All of his music catalog is available on Spotify.

Biggabush – Don in Studio One (Spotify)

‘Biggabush In Dub’ is a collection of one-offs, rarities and alternative versions curated by Glyn “Biggabush”. Taken from a legendary ambient dub set at the iconic Big Chill Festival, ‘Biggabush In Dub’ showcases Glyn’s versatility as a “chill out” producer, post the Rockers Hi Fi era.

“I wanted to show a more relaxed side to my productions, not aimed so much at the dancefloor. In those days I was a regular at the Big Chill, and I decided to put together an ambient dub set and have all the tracks available for sale at the festival which became “Biggabush In Dub” explains Glyn.

The album closes with focus track “Don In Studio One” a dub-wise version of “Studio Don One” from Lightning Head’s debut LP. The song showcases a more traditional dub style laid over vintage drum machine patterns, directly inspired by some of Lee “Scratch” Perry’s most adventurous tracks.

Translippers – Bekanze (Bandcamp)

Translippers is back with a new ethno dub and chill fusion album including collaboration gems with artists Jai & Atlantida Project. Starting with the ambient meditative theme Om Bekanze and moving forward into tribal world music fusion under an amazing sound layering, clarity in sound and top notch mastering and production. A classic album.

Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid – Same Prayer (Spotify)

Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid – Same Prayer


Chronixx provides a pillar of strength and hope on “Same Prayer,” a benediction that carries a universal message throughout life's ups and downs. Fellow Jamaican lyricist Kabaka Pyramid complements the song with a verse echoing his sentiment. Following “Dela Move,” “Same Prayer” is the second reveal from Chronixx’s upcoming sophomore album Dela Splash, which is slated for release later this year. The Zion I Kings produced track is available now via Soul Circle Music and will feature an accompanying visual next week.

The song rings true with today's tumultuous times, "There’s so much good in the world and still evil a lurk. In the darkness a night, Jah protect I and I from the ones who nuh care about the fact that we share the same air and the blood that we bleed is alike," Chronixx laments in the third verse. The powerful message follows in the chorus, "and when I troddin in the streets today, please Jah Jah never leave my side. And everyday the same prayer I say and I’m saying it one more time. Trodding in the streets I pray Jah Jah beg yuh please, never lef I an I, oh never leave I an I."

Chronixx explains, “Same Prayer is, in part, a prayer for the younger generation to reflect on internally. It’s also a reminder that there is a greater power directing things in the physical space. Instead of looking for solutions in our material lives, we can both reach out to this higher power and look deep within ourselves.”

Preethevibes – Get Down (Spotify)

Preethevibes – Get Down


Preethevibes is an indie world music group from NYC. Although the group has heavy influence from Afro-Caribbean origins, the group is able to fuse their vocal styles with some of the modern sounds of Afro-beat and Trap creating what they refer to as Island Trap. "Get Down" is a track that particularly blends the style of Jamaican Dance Hall dialect with the flavored percussion of Afro-beats with a touch of Latino influence. This combination makes the track easy to dance to as well as sing along due to it's easy to understand chorus, even for those who do not speak the dialect. Please enjoy!

Zenon Marko Interview on

Zenon Marko

Dub on

Photo by Eva Mueller

What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Zenon Marko:
Ambient, Neoclassical, Electronic, Downtempo, Electro-Acoustic, Traditional/”World”, Dub, Techno, House, Rock, Funk...

Few words about your musical background and career?

Zenon Marko:
Music has always been a presence and love in my life. As a child, I studied piano and classical guitar, but drums soon became my primary instrument: acoustic drums, electronic drums, percussion. I became obsessed with the rhythms and sounds of drums. At the same time, I was also fascinated with the effects and possibilities of harmonies and timbre and texture and tonality, the “vertical” as well as “horizontal” axes of music. In my first university degree, I studied physics, but also studied music theory and composition; I continued on afterwards teaching myself more and more of these areas, along with production, engineering, sound design, synthesis, acoustics, psycho-acoustics, philosophy and aesthetics of music. I began a Ph.D. in physics, then switched tracks and instead completed a second undergraduate degree in philosophy. I am currently completing a Ph.D. in metaphilosophy, on the problem of beginning, or ultimate justification of knowledge. All along, I have been involved in music, as composer, producer, drummer, and DJ. As the list of genres suggests, my love of music embraces perhaps seemingly contradictory territories: from the most subtle ambient sound with no trace of rhythm, to extremely rhythmic music forms like dub, bossa, funk, techno, and rock. I have hundreds of musical works and ideas in various stages of completion, but perhaps it’s time to finally finish more of these and let them out into the wider world. There have been a number of releases with my on-going collaborative project Metasonica; I’ve just released my first solo album, the completely symmetrical instrumental ambient/neoclassical concept album “Symmetry”; there will be a rhythmic version of “Symmetry”, an entire video cycle related to the philosophy and concept, and live performances; there’s a completed ambient piano album to be released this year; I’m developing a dub techno project; also many tracks are already completed for a rhythmic downtempo project, featuring vocals in various different languages. Many more projects ongoing and in development, in and around my studio and production company, Disreality, here in downtown NYC.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Zenon Marko:
Our family home was always full of music: piano, guitar, singing, records playing in every genre. However, my first distinct memory of experiencing music is that of hearing and seeing the Philadelphia Orchestra for the first time as a child. I was fortunate that my family introduced me to such experiences at an early age. I especially recall the overwhelming sense of awe and wonder at the beauty and power of this ensemble, in the grand space of the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, as the orchestra was tuning in preparation for the performance. Surely that sonic experience, of individual instruments beginning from a state of chaos and dissonance, gradually cohering into an immense and sublime coherence, has always remained with me as an ideal, not only of music, but of emotion, of something like (for lack of a better word) spirituality, and even of other-worldly perfection.

Why do you create music?

Zenon Marko:
I often ask myself this question, actually. At times, from my more strictly rational, scientific, even somewhat brutally utilitarian, side, I question whether music, culture, art, and so on, are excessive luxuries and self-indulgences, in a world of so much suffering, of all creatures, human and non-human. This concern is magnified by my sense that the world is sliding towards some sort of apocalypse. Should I better apply my efforts elsewhere? Of course, I do work in philosophy as well, but one may raise similar doubts about the value of philosophy in the face of urgent practical crises. Should I only be working towards practical, measurable goals of world improvement, perhaps in a mode like effective altruism? Although these doubts never disappear, I do believe that our needs and aspirations go beyond the purely material, that one also needs what these cultural, aesthetic, intellectual, and spiritual activities provide. The material problems are urgent, of course, and demand our attention, as these address the functional basis for life; yet I believe these other regions of values, beliefs, and experiences are what render life beautiful and worthwhile. They offer a kind of transcendence. Certainly music has dramatically enriched my own life; it seems to offer a radically different kind of “answer”, compared to those offered by science and the more rational forms of philosophy; so how can I then deride it as a mere luxury or excess? After all, the music of others has given me so much. Therefore, my hope is that my music can give back in some way, and can bring to others, perhaps even to those in the depths of despair and suffering, some solace, beauty, and inspiration.

Music has no borders and many of us we may listen to more genres that we are mainly involved. So share with Nagamag which track comes first in your mind from music but is NOT similar to your genre?

Zenon Marko:
Miles Davis “He Loved Him Madly”

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Zenon Marko:
Harold Budd & Brian Eno "First Light"

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