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Mounika. – ailleurs (Soundcloud)

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Mounika. – ailleurs (Soundcloud)

Ailleurs” lures you into a dreamy balance of light & dark with Mounika’s signature lofi hip hop beats.

About the artist:
« Mounika. comes from the American version of Godard’s film « à bout de souffle”.

The end scene accompanies the lead actress, Monica, to music by Phillip Glass – Opening. “This is the first track I wanted to learn on the piano,” Mounika.

Somewhere in the west of France, in a student’s room, the artist far from imagining the impact that his very first productions will have…

From a young age, Mounika. already had a passion for music, his great curiosity led him to try his hand at many instruments, eventually gravitating towards the piano. Years go by and as he explores the dense universe of electronic music, his thirst for novelty is constantly growing. Iconic artists such as Bonobo, Air, Moby and Wax Tailor were a great source of inspiration.

With musical production now an integral part of his life, Mounika.’s intention is to offer a dreamlike space, through his music, as his musical influences have done for him before. Mounika.’s inexhaustible creativity blends with his great eagerness to share his music with the world. Mounika. publishes his first productions on SoundCloud, his delicate, sensitive and melancholic melodies never cease to resonate further and further afield, finding new audiences.

In June 2017, together with a group of friends, Mounika. decides to unveil his first album “How Are You” on Spotify, which contains among others the track “Cut My Hair”. In just a few months and against all odds due to the almost non-existent means of promotion, the track amasses 15+ million plays throughout the world and allows him to make a name for himself. It is from this moment that the magic happens, as if Mounika.’s music has the power to touch a part of sensibility in each of us, a universal shared feeling.

Mounika. returns this year with a new electro chill album. discreet by nature. We will be announcing more news and updates on May 15. At this time, Mounika. returns with his first offering since his debut LP. The single is titled “Intro (I m sorry)” and is released on April 10, 2020.

In one image, Mounika.’s musical universe would be a rainy cloud which, between two showers, lets a summer sun shine through.


Sbeady – Daydreams (Spotify)

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Sbeady – Daydreams

A song which let you calm down and dream when the day into too much stress and hectic. Dirty lofi samples and spheric synths for some dreamy vibes.

Few words about Sbeady:
It all began in 2002, when Sbeady visited a good friend who was all into hip hop, graffiti and beat making. He saw a Zoom RT-234 drum computer lying on the floor and gave it a try.

He was immediately fascinated by creating own sounds, grooves and music this way. Over the years, the urge to improve and refine his skills was driven by his love for electronic music.

Sbeady adds a personal touch to every one of his beats with his experience, knowledge of the craft or by simply using his intuition, trying to not only broadcast sound, but to communicate feeling.

Despite having a unique way of expressing himself and always trying new & creative things, he always tries to serve the music by understanding the mood of the composition.

The pure love of creating music keeps Sbeady going until today…

Bob Blankemeier – Taking Flight Again (Spotify)

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Bob Blankemeier – Taking Flight Again

A more experimental instrumental hip hop sound structure, flirting with world music but not missing the right groove and solid production with right selection of drums that definately will make you move.

Few words about Bob Blankemeier:

Bob Blankemeier is a NYC based cinematographer and music producer. Growing up Bob's mother worked as a news anchor and father a lobsterman. He was taught a skill set of self employment and exposed to film making at an early age. As a teenager Bob discovered BMX bike riding and began creating films centered around the sport. These films expanded his interest in creating larger projects and eventually pursuing a film degree at Temple University. After graduating Temple, Bob moved to NYC to work in the film industry. After many years of working and learning in the lighting department, Bob now works full time as cinematographer. He continues to ride BMX bikes and create films within the sport

Tokalah – Without Your Memory (Spotify)

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Tokalah – Without Your Memory

Producer, Audiophile & Sound designer. Born in 1991 in a small town in Belgium near the french border. As a child Tokalah has always been exposed to music through his parents and family. After the age of reasoning he started to experiment with different genres of music going from mellow hip hop vibes to electronical vibrations.

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