Jaz Valentino – Vatican City (Official Movie) (Video)

“Soft song from “Jaz Valentino” upcoming album; “Day 7”. Have a taste from the artist’s life and attitude via his revealing words. A kind of self-introduction with the waves of our favourite Indie R&B sound. Nice job with personal style.”


Artist shared few words with us behind this song inspiration:

” This song Vatican City is honestly where I’m at right now at this point in my life! Old friends passing away too young because of violence or friends in jail for decades because of crimes at a young age. I want to show the kids caught up in shit that there is always a way to soar up This song is for the lost youth that need a light Wether it be my brothers or countless others!…”


Jaz Valentino is an up and coming artist based in Toronto, Canada. In only 6-months on the scene, Jaz has dropped an impressive body of work and amassed over 650K streams on Spotify alone. With his unique genre bending sound that takes elements of R&B, trap, and folk, Jaz is carving a name out for himself with his fresh sound and melodic vocals.