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“Mesmerizing and incredibly calming atmosphere of this rock beauty engage deeply within first guitar riffs and notes. Harmonic structure and composition is done in a beautiful way, reminiscing the retro sound so well. His vocal is very seductive and fits the music really great. ”

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“Η μαγευτική και απίστευτα ήρεμη ατμόσφαιρα αυτής της ροκ ομορφιάς εμπλέκονται βαθιά στα πρώτα κιθαριστικά riff και νότες. Η αρμονική δομή και η σύνθεση γίνονται με όμορφο τρόπο, αναπολώντας τόσο καλά τον ρετρό ήχο. Τα φωνητικά του είναι πολύ σαγηνευτικά και ταιριάζει πολύ στη μουσική.”

“La atmósfera fascinante e increíblemente relajante de esta belleza del rock se involucra profundamente en los primeros riffs y notas de guitarra. La estructura armónica y la composición están hechas de una manera hermosa, recordando muy bien el sonido retro. Su voz es muy seductora y encaja muy bien con la música.”

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Lyrics of Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas – Come On Over

Like a sky without an evening moon
A dawn without a sun
Come on over and be with me

Well, no, I’ve never been so yearning
Like a devil, I crave your soul
Although I can’t begin
My love, it ain’t no sin
Come on over and be with me

Well, every day bleeds to another day
Another hour to a dollar slave
Beauty faded on the run
Something just knocked out of place
Someone who just needs some grace
A needy mouth begging at your door

Well, I have to dream of the moment
That I can spend with you
Like a star, you’re far away
Yet, my gaze, it remains
Come on over and be with me

When the night turns black and cold
As the endless hours unfold
You turn my burdened head away
A glimpse into eternity
My eyes on you eternally
A lovesick sailor in sight of land

Soon, I’ll hear your footsteps
Soon, I’ll melt into your skin
May these hours never end
Like tales that just begin
Come on over and be with me
Come on over and be with me

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The song “Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas – Come On Over” is released by Cross-Grain Records, LLC

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