Nadia Kamrath – Confessions (Spotify)

“-Confessions - is very pleasant for listening. -Nadia Kamrath- created a wonderful, memorable song filled with light. Her gentle voice is poured under the knock of your heart, hypnotizing and immersing in a light trance. Beautiful Indie Pop, which leaves the most warm feelings.”

“-Confessions- вышел очень приятным для прослушивания. -Nadia Kamrath- создала замечательную, запоминающуюся песню наполненную светом. Её нежный голос льётся под стук вашего сердца, гипнотизируя и погружая в лёгкий транс. Прекрасный Indie Pop, который оставляет самые тёплые чувства.”

“Confessions'' is an ode to a friendship where one person begins to develop deeper feelings for the other

Nadia Kamrath – Fever Dream (Spotify)

“In -Fever Dream-, there is its own unique atmosphere, filling consciousness from the first sounds! -Nadia Kamrath- creates its own, a special world that will win you and make you forget about all your problems. Atmospheric melodies, the musical pattern and vocals will not attract your interest quickly. ”

“В -Fever Dream- есть своя неповторимая атмосфера, заполняющая сознание с первых звуков! -Nadia Kamrath- создаёт свой, особенный мир, который завладеет вами и заставит забыть о всех своих проблемах. Атмосферная мелодия, музыкальный рисунок и вокал не оставят равнодушными.”

Nadia Kamrath’s first single “Fever Dream” is filled with dreamy piano melodies, intimate pure vocals, and attention-grabbing electric guitar. Her debut song has been selected for a film currently being screened by several top distributers including Warner Brothers, Disney and Paramount. She has put together a launch plan that includes her large network of friends, family and fans, ads on Instagram and Facebook, a Spotify Ad Studio campaign and a Vevo music video release.

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