Perry Foster – She is of the Water (Spotify)

“-She is of the Water- brings in mind a calm, hypnotic river cannal, in whose cool waters you are brought into excellent prairies. Pay attention to those striking vocals, whose timbre comes so deeply that it doesn't let you go to the very end of this amazing journey.”

“-She is of the Water- спокойное, гипнотическое русло реки, в чьих прохладных водах тебя несёт в прекрасные прерии. Поразительный по своему восприятию вокал, чей тембр заходит настолько глубоко, что не отпускает до самого конца этого удивительного путешествия.”

Artist said about this song:

"Written in the Whiskeytown National Park of Northern California, the summer after I was married. After a truly transcendent day, the song seemed to write itself.

For the past few years I've been living in the Hudson Valley, NY with my family. Raising babies, making music. I'm working on a few projects I'm really excited about. Lately, I have been collaborating with some incredible musicians at the Clubhouse Studio here. I feel I am constantly learning so much! We're working on a slew of records that I'll be releasing throughout the year.

This is the first one.

On the track you'll hear the playing of Odetta Hartman on violin and vocals, Ira Coleman on bass, and Jim Weider on mandolin. Paul Antonell produced the song. Engineer/wizardry by Shubham Mondal."