Poppy Blue Eyes – Center of Bliss (Spotify)

“Carefully made and easy-going Acoustic composition from the masters of "Poppy Blue Eyes" project. Idealy made for guitar lovers or those who just want to communicate their feelings via words of admiration and strong meaning.”


This is the second song released from the four song ep “Dock Bar”. Very chill, smooth, easy to listen to kind of song.


Poppy Blue Eyes

Started in 2018 by singer/songwriter Jonathan Marvel (lead vox/guitar) from Queenstown, MD. Current members also include Jeremy Cruse (lead guitar), Graham Furniss (bass/vox), Steven Dunn (trumpet/vox), and Devin HammondKid Brown (drums). The band is based out of Stevensville, MD and writes and performs music in reggae/folk/rock genres.