Tristan Jantz – Scene Of The Crime (Spotify)

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“The music that helps look into the eyes of despair and see hope and love in their reflection. Light and very emotional Indie Pop sound, as if dictating to a wanderer follow his heart, which will always indicate the right path.”

“Музыка, которая помогает взглянуть в глаза отчаянию и разглядеть в их отражении надежду и любовь. Лёгкий и очень эмоциональный indie pop, словно диктующий заплутавшему страннику следовать за своим сердцем, которое всегда укажет верный путь.”

An accidental return to a romantic place transports the singer back to a perfect date with a lost love. The town is eerily unchanged, except the streets seem a shoulder width wider than before without a partner by their side.

The album art is a recreation of a photo taken in Rockport, MA during Tristan's soul-searching sunrise photography adventures to cope with the end of a 5 year romance in the height of a pandemic.