Lowbelly, Venec – No There But Here (Spotify)

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“A track full of emotion and a feeling of loss that somehow also has a sense of hope. The trumpets and flute are reminiscing perhaps? A good time with loved ones or with good friends? A time in the past that holds precious memories? Melancholic guitars and lamenting harmonies will transport you to your special place.”


A collaboration between Lowbelly and one of the member's sons. Venec is a producer by his own right of chill and trap music (venecbeats.com)

Lowbelly is Jeremy and Tristan. They began in 1995. This latest work is their first album since 2008. It was released on 4/23/2021. Like previous albums, this is a mixed bag of different genres (this outing includes indie, jazz, pop, go-go, surf rock, sound experimentation, trap, Saharan blues, etc.) Since this album marks the return of Lowbelly, it has been titled II. It's a celebration of their victory against the forces which were opposed to Lowbelly's union - it's triumph over trauma; solidarity over isolation; accomplishment over addiction; dawn over darkness.

A portion of Lowbelly's bandcamp proceeds of this album will go to the Family Justice Center Foundation of Idaho who helps victims of various types of abuse, trafficking, and assault.

Lowbelly is:
Tristan Andreas (also solo artist and member of Phantahex)
Jeremy Miller (also Jeremy from Boise and member of Blood Party, Monster Dudes)